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Monday, March 11, 2013

I had some foot pain during the half marathon which was expected but now it has kind of morphed into something else and I'm not sure what.

During and after the half both my feet were hurting but eventually my legs and right foot stopped hurting. The outside of my left foot was still hurting a bit but I didn't think much about it. A couple days later the pain moved to the inside near the arch. Then starting yesterday the pain has moved back to the outer side but on my heel. It's exactly where my heel strike is so every step I take is really painful.

Have you experienced this before? Any suggestions on what I can do for it? I have very little faith in my doctor so that's a last resort.

I need to go to the grocery store and the gym tonight but think I'll have to skip them both. I can't imagine walking all around the grocery store like this and the gym sounds painful too.
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  • no profile photo FOOTSOLUTIONS
    I hope you will get well soon! My sister was suffering from the similar pain few months back. It is probably because of the inappropriate shoes. It's time for you to replace your shoes with a comfortable one with good arch support and proper cushioning. If the pain does not go away then you need to go to your last resort without delaying.
    2539 days ago

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  • JULZ6211
    I know this is an old post, but I wanted to chime in. It does sound like plantar fasciitis. I had/have it, but I started wearing shoes with a little bit of a heel, like a wedge. It stretches the tendon to get it back to feeling good, I don't have any trouble with it anymore.

    I saw you on the Parrot Head team, just wanted to say Hey! I live in Dallas and go to the Frisco show yearly, went to the concert a year ago at Gexa that was on Thursday night, but the tailgating was awful! Frisco is always a great time!!

    2618 days ago
    Yeah, get a referral to a sports med doc. They're amazing and will encourage and help you train in ways that no PCP ever would. Good luck and congrats on the race!
    2738 days ago
    It sounds like it could be a few different things... I'd definitely get it checked out with your doctor if things keep up! Congrats on the race though!

    2738 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    I got foot/heel pain when I trained for my 2nd HM. I figured I had PF, looked it up online & tried a few things that really helped. While I'm at work (desk job) a few times a day, I'd roll my foot over a tennis ball or a golf ball (depending on what pressure I could handle that day). When I went back to running, I'd roll my feet on a frozen water bottle when I was done. It really helped.

    Good luck.
    2750 days ago
    It sounds like Plantar's Fascitis. Get some wide athletic tape and cut 3 pieces long enough to cover the bottom of your foot and extend up over the sides (but not wrap completely around) your foot. Pull it tight, overlapping the strips. Take off at night. A podiatrist had my husband and I do this telling us that it worked better than prescription orthotics; I had to agree. Good luck!
    2750 days ago
    That sounds a little similar to when I had plantar fasciitis. Mine started after I was training for a half marathon too (didn't actually run the race because of it). Stretching, rest, and working up the mileage slowly was the only thing that helped me.

    Ask Dr. Google (or I suppose a real doctor :P), maybe it is the same thing?

    Hope it feels better soon!
    2750 days ago
    First congrats on the run!

    Second you should probably stop running and seek medical advice....there are many things that this could be...I have had severe PF in the past and it doesn't should like you wear orthotics? Your shoes could need to be changed...lots of possibilities...

    Keep us posted!
    2751 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12784854
    Hi Bridgett!! I have had a similar pain in my heel & I was told all kinds of info...I would look up the Foot pain too. My mom found out she has tendonitis in her heel & she was told by a physical therapist to stretch her foot all the time... that's something else u could look up. And I would recommend u taking a hiatus from running now that you've done the half marathon. Replace running with the elliptical for a few weeks & see if it recovers. All of the impact probably has micro-fractures in your foot bones. Just my 2 cents! Hope everything works out & keep us posted on the status of your tootsie. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2751 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    Can your regular doctor recommend a sports doctor? I had a foot issue a bit over a year ago and a sports med doctor was excellent.
    2751 days ago
    Physical therapist needed? I think Michael DuPriest is a healer.
    2751 days ago
    ARGH:-( It does sound like it might be Planter fascitis. I'd look it up though and see if your symptoms are similiar. It could be a heel spur or something too though, so you want to find out. I've been deal with the planters for years. There's all kinds of info online about it, but let me know if you need any help. If it is, you definitely want to take it easy with it, so it doesn't get really inflamed. That's when it's the worst. I hope your feet are feeling better soon. emoticon
    2751 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11172095
    Sounds awful! My mom was just diagnosed with Planters Fascitis(sp?) that is pretty much all heel pain...try checking "foot pain" online, it may just enlighten you, as it did her.
    2751 days ago
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