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Monday, March 11, 2013

Despite my subconcious efforts to derail my progress, I am happy to say that this morning i stepped on the emoticon and weighed in at 218.2. I was so shocked . . .and happy. It isn't much but that put me down 0.4 lbs since mid-February. Considering the amount and types of foods I have been eating emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon . I was expecting to step on the scale and see 221. I feel like I have gotten a Get Out of Jail Free Card.

And if anyone knows the game of Monolopoly, you know those don't come around often. I leave for California tomorrow morning. I have two dinner dates scheduled with my team. I need to eat light prior to those dinner dates and get in a workout beforehand. I need to keep the water on hand and chug whenever possible. I need to stay away from the training room candy bowl.

Thank goodness I put in good workouts and kept my water intake up. And thank goodness for the muscle I have built that helped to torch calories even when I didn't do my part. I guess I could have always done worst. I should give myself a little credit.

But anywho. I have FANTASTIC news for all of those who love a good deal. One of the Jewelry stores in our mall is going out of business. It seems they have been going out of business for the last six months but I guess they are shutting the doors at the end of this month. Everything must go! is plastered everywhere. I stop in there just to see what they have for men's wedding bands. There is a line of bands called Tungsten which are highly durable silver and titanium rings. They tend to be less expensive than gold or platinum but they are much more sturdy and they tend to have contemporary designs. I found two that I really liked but considering I couldn't remember Derrell's exact ring size, I didn't buy as all sales were final. The next morning I take Derrell in and the store is swamped with people. As soon as we sit down, the sales consultant looks at me and says, "I sold the one ring first thing this morning and the one you really liked, just fifteen minutes ago." I was bummed because Derrell has pretty small fingers for a guy and they didn't have a huge selection. Our guy began going through every ring in his display trying to find an 8.25. He found two in the Tungsten line. The first one, I was not a fan of. It was titanium and silver striped. It was like male costume jewlery. The other one was perfect. Classy with architectural detail but not a lot of bling or extra stuff. Derrell was a fan. I was so nervous that it wouldn't fit. He tried it on and it fit like a glove! Then it came to price. The retail sticker said it was like $524. They had signs saying 60% off so I figured we would pay a few hundred. We didn't. I don't even want to tell you what this

cost us. Are you ready???? $66!!!! That is correct: SIXTY-SIX DOLLARS. I don't know how she figured that number. I seen her typing on a calculator, looking at a chart, typing and then look and say, "Oy my." We hurredly said, "Yes!!!" To think that we got a $500 band for sixty some bucks is emoticon . As she was ringing us up, I seen they had a bridal display with champagne flutes that I had just seen two days prior online for $59 plus tax. I asked her if she would sell them (they were still in the box). She said, "23 bucks". I told her to ring it up! SO we walked out of there with Derrell's band and our toasting flutes for $98. I feel like I just committed a Class A Felony! Now to start practicing our first kiss as husband and wife!

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