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How dumb is this????

Monday, March 11, 2013

I have arthritis in my knees. One is worse than the other, but neither is HORRIBLE.....yet. I have discomfort when walking down stairs, the first mile of a run I have to take it easy, and sometimes during zumba I land wrong and SNAP I have a flash of bright pain that typically dies down by the end of class.

What I have found is cutting out grains/gluten helps TREMENDOUSLY. I know this. I have felt the difference. But my stupid stinking taste buds/hormones, whatever, sometimes just REVOLT against the idea that I have to restrict certain foods. The first 4 years on Spark, I lost weight by modification, and claiming NOTHING as "off limits." This worked to get me from 215 down to about 165-170. But then I got stuck. The only thing that got me to my goal of 145 (well, down to 137 ultimately, which for me was just too..."gaunt" I think is the word people were using. To describe ME. ha!) was knocking out gluten and grains in general. So overall, it's a WIN/WIN: less joint pain, less weight on my body to carry around.

One would think that would be enough to make me rise above temptation. emoticon

Unfortunately, I have some *issue* and for the life of me I don't know WHAT it is exactly, or what to do about it, but I go on these wild benders: I had a freaking CINNABON over the weekend. Then Saturday post-zumbathon we went out for food; I had a hamburger, a Guinness shake (sounds gross but OMG it was good) pretzel bites, onion rings. And the topper? Popcorn at the movies yesterday.

So that is Dumb Part I. Why in the name of all that is good would i go on such a crazy bad-for-me food binge??? I mean overall my calories for all three days were I'm sure still well in check; I get busy and "forget" to eat sometimes. emoticon I was so hungry Saturday night I was feeling woozy. And the popcorn was basically lunch AND dinner yesterday. My family of 4 split a large.

Now for Dumb Part Deux: I laid in bed last night with the anticipated stomach ache, but OMG. My knees hurt, which is also to be expected, but my arm also hurt (this only happens when I eat gluten) and to add to the ensemble: My right hip was in so much pain I could barely lay on my side. So in addition to the OLD joint pain that erasing gluten from my diet can ease, I have NEW joint pain being introduced when I fall off the wagon.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

No good I tell you. No good at all. But still, as I sit here and ruminate on it, and vow to do better starting NOW (well,this morning) I KNOW this is only temporary. My silly self will most likely fall (hard) again. And soon. I'm just wondering WHEN the pain will be enough to force my hand for good. HOW MUCH WORSE DOES IT HAVE TO GET TO MAKE THAT "AHA" MOMENT HAPPEN??????

Jeez. I swear I need a food therapist.

Me at the event Saturday night, hamming for the camera.
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    Cute pic!!! I've been going through something similar. I lost a majority of the weight by exercising and portion control but now I'd really like to drop down 10 more pounds and it's been impossible, the chocolate cravings are ridiculous when I try. I'm very strongly considering shakeology, I tried one sample shake and my cravings were gone completely for the whole day and I dropped 2 pounds! I didn't take one the second day and still did fairly well. I have been very anti-supplement but this is basically drinking healthy foods loaded with vitamins and minerals. So many of the others are loaded with caffeine and a few vitamins. So instead of taking pill vitamins, I plan on drinking them and then the cravings are gone too. I think it is worth a shot to see what happens. I might even try to see what happens if I drink half of one a day or 3/4 to see what is best for me. If you want more info on the program, let me know, I'll hook you up!
    1867 days ago
    Your blog made me feel guilty........... like you had been reading my diary. LOL. I can so relate. I have arthritis and feel sooooooooooo much better when I avoid foods that are inflammatory. I have been eying those mini cinnabons at Burger King for weeks. I wish they would shove them up their booty. I have not had one but it's a wonder. I did have a Blizzard though. Just what I needed!! And the rest of my diet sounds similar to your post work out frenzy. And, yes, lots of my joints are hurting, including my left pinky toe. Totally dumb. Let's stop this!
    1867 days ago
    I gave in to a burger on Saturday and also regretted it. It tasted NOTHING like I was expecting and my stomach let me know all night that it wasn't happy about it.
    One day we will learn.
    1867 days ago
    Burgers do the same thing to me. Soooo yummy to eat, and then total agony afterwards (in my case, due to IBS). But they are just so delicious, I forget what they do to me, and NOM NOM NOM.

    When you figure out a solution, please share it with me.
    1867 days ago
    Well, if I'm any guage... that would be "never"? I have similar issues, although not necessarily with gluten (will have to look into that connection with aches and pains though...) Still, I have hope: I have not had a carbonated beverage in over two years. If I can come to the realization that this is counter to my health, perhaps you and I can overcome some other temptations?

    Keeping it green... emoticon
    1868 days ago
    Cute picture!

    Perhaps Food Therapist could be the next job fad like personal coaching.

    Is it wrong that as I read this, I was munching on some strange cocoa/peanut butter/honey/oat meal concoction that I'm pretending is good for me?

    Now I want a Guinness shake.

    Always love your blogs CECE!
    1868 days ago
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