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my new best friend.

Monday, March 11, 2013

yup, got me a new "bestie" emoticon

doing spark coach today, the action plan was to talk to your self, like you would talk to your friend. how would you treat them, talk to them, if they were trying to lose weight? would you offer encouragement? or would you say, "what a slacker! didja REALLY need that huge piece of cake? seriously, did you think an extra work out would get rid of all those calories you ate?"

heck no! i would NEVER do that! i would be so encouraging, reminding them of small victories, telling them it is about the journey, not perfection... so, the "coach" said to be your own "best friend", write a letter as you would to your friend, encouraging him/her to keep going...

so, here goes...

hey tammy,

wow, let me say, it is so awesome that you are trying to get back in shape! wait, what i mean is, that you ARE getting back into shape! i KNOW you can do it. you always give 110%, and excel at anything you put your mind to.

don't worry when you make a mistake, you are human! one loaded pizza, and a huge piece of cake are NOT the end of the world, keep going! see the little victories you make each day... you didn't eat the "goodies" at work, you worked out, even though you didn't want to, you jog up the stairs, instead of takin' the elevator.

i see that you are already starting to care about yourself. you are wearing more flattering clothes, it is SO much better than the baggy sweats you wear. you are gonna color your hair, and you have been wearing make-up! those are some great things to do a victory dance over!

you are now craving blueberries, strawberries, grapes, ect... i remember a time (very recently) where you would obsess about when you could go to mcdonalds, or wendy's, again for the 3rd time in a week. your body is telling you it wants healthy foods, and you are listening!

you have so many people on sparks, that are there to encourage and support you, they want you to succeed. they are going through the same thing as you are, or already have gone through it and conquered it, so WILL you!

just think about all those people that inspire you... tara costa (from Biggest Loser, season 7), how strong she is, and how many similarities you have. how about in the G.I. Jane movie? you LOVE how she is destined to fail, and what did she say? "the more people tell me to stop, or try and make me stop, the more i want to 'GUT' it out!" and against tremendous odds, she conquers!

you are strong, tammy. you have already proven that, you WILL do this. you gotta believe in yourself...

if you need me to knock some sense in you, let me know, i know you better than anyone, i know what you are capable of!

one more thing... remember this quote that you love...

i will train harder.
I will eat cleaner.
I know her weaknesses.
I know her strengths.
I lost to her before,
but not this time.
She is going down.
I have the advantage,
because I know her well.
she is the 'Old Me'".

~Bonnie Pfiester

keep goin', girl. i got your back!

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