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A few things..

Monday, March 11, 2013

A few things I remember to try and pull myself up and onward..

She ate raisin-bran for breakfast.
She cooked a lot before she got sick but still one of her favorite dinners was a Stouffer's french bread pizza.
She loved to watch movies together and eat popcorn.
She loved to dance.
She always had sweet sweet tea and fig newtons in her house at all times.
She made the best fudge and peanut brittle.
She worked hard.
She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty.
She made the best meatloaf and baked mac and cheese. Which made for some great leftover meatloaf sandwiches. (back in the meat eating days :) )
She loved for my sister and I to play with her hair. She would sit back and close her eyes and let us play forever saying how good it felt.
She would let me crawl into bed with them if I got scared even though I would normally go back to my bed because my Granddaddy snored like a freight train. :)
She was easy to be with. Easy to talk to and easy silences too. You didn't feel awkward in the silences like you do with some people.
At the end her face would light up if you pulled a Dum-Dum from your purse. :)
She cussed. Not all the time but just here and there to throw you off and surprise you and it always made you laugh.
She hung laundry on a clothes line.
I drank beer and shot pool with her once.
She was good.
She helped my aunt out all the time and never complained about not getting anything in return or feeling taken advantage of. She just loved her kids and would help them however she could.
I would spend weekends with them and summers with them. After my mom and dad separated we lived with them for awhile and I lived with her for awhile when I was a "lost" teenager. She would always take you in.
She always had the thermostat on 72. It could never be higher or lower. It had to be at 72! lol!
She folded her towels just so.
She loved country music, especially Hank Williams.
She loved my Jacob's red hair.
She was one of 16 children. Some of which had red hair. I remember going to see my great aunts, all with red hair and they loved my hair as a kid. Now it's Jacob's turn. :)
I don't want to forget. I want to remember everything. I want to hold on to all of it. I feel like every little thing I'm not remembering is a part of her I'm losing.
But I can get through this. I will and am already getting through this.
Oh! I remembered one more thing.. When she was in her Alzheimer's home and still getting around well. She loved those big bouncy balls. You know the ones you can get for like $2.50 at Walmart? And she would take them all and hide them in her room! lol! We would go in there and there would be a ball in every corner! lol!
Ok, I'm leaving it on that note. Remembering the balls. :D
Thank you guys so much for your support. I really appreciate it.
I'll get there. :)
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