Joy in saying,"NO!" to food ... Who Knew?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Well, it's been a week since the inspiration for this blog came to my mind. It was Sunday morning and I was feeling joyful because, without any negative feelings, I have been able to withstand temptation and say "no" to many foods since Dec. 26th. I know I do it with the help of the Holy Spirit, but I also know it is because medical professionals have told me I cannot eat those foods and I am a very obedient girl to those kinds of folks (usually). I cannot tell you what kind of relief it has been to me to not have to make decisions about whether or not to succumb to the temptation of many of my trigger foods: sugar, potatoes, corn, etc. Nor have I had "false hunger" from foods that were actually causing me stomach pain which I mistook for hunger: eggs, peanuts, tomatoes, etc. For the first time saying "No" has been EASY and I have joy in this new sense of control. I have joy in the fact that I can finally say, "I want to learn to cook," because the number of recipe choices are not anywhere near so overwhelming. I know it sounds weird ... but it's the truth!

Here's the thing that has bothered me for years. Everyone talks about how difficult it is for smokers, drug addicts and alcoholics to give up their physical addiction, and I know for a fact this is true. However, rarely do we hear about how difficult it is for an overweight person to give up a physical addiction to sugar or other harmful foods. In fact, most the time we don't even realize it is an addiction! Smokers don't have to buy cigarettes, drug addicts don't have to buy drugs, etc., but we HAVE to eat and the trigger foods for our addiction are EVERYWHERE, all the time. On top of that, we deal with people who judge us for NOT resisting temptation, and we deal with those who judge us for not giving in (just one little bite, go ahead!)

Tomorrow, I go to work for a "professional development day." The boss has offered to bring in breakfast (cinnamon rolls) and take us out a local Bar-B-Que place that has no healthy options (heart attack waiting to happen I call it). I have told him multiple times I would just like some fruit in the morning, and I haven't even approached a change in meeting place for lunch. He asked me again Friday, "Are you still sticking with the fruit idea, or are you going to take a break for a day?" I guess he hasn't noticed that I have turned down every pizza day and treat he's offered me since November LOL.

Anyway, I say this, not for myself, but for all of us who deal with similar issues. First, identify your trigger foods (get help from a nutrition therapist or other professional if needed) then feel the joy of saying "NO!" I can't eat it. Bask in the feeling of stability as your blood sugar stays level. Revel in the fact that your shopping cart is filled with delicious fruits and vegetables that you will portion off into single serving sizes. Brag about the healthy meals you are cooking for yourself and your family. Enjoy the lack of hunger pangs and guilt! Love your new energy, the look of your skin, your reduced PMS, and the control you feel in a previously out of control situation. Thank the Lord for the strength and rewards He has given you and feel the JOY in saying "NO!"
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    you're right. funny how one person's addiction may not be another's so we may not understand how hard it is. and how a simple "no" can bring so much joy! emoticon
    2669 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7402665
    Saying No is a great becomes easier each time you say it! emoticon
    2671 days ago
  • SNEELY0610
    What an amazing blog! You said exactly what I have been saying about food addiction for the past few years. Some day I hope to have the kind of control over food that you do. Very inspiring!
    2672 days ago
    I think you have said it all and your boss seems to be getting the message. You should take him a healthy snack and maybe he will begin his own healthy eating journey. emoticon
    2672 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6582721
    2673 days ago
    2nd update. My boss was really trying to be helpful, so he offered to make me a fruit smoothie. He brought in a tub of sherbert and asked if there were any ingredients I wouldn't be able to eat. I said (with a smile,) "Well the first two on the list." What were they? Sugar syrup and yogurt (I can't eat dairy!) We laughed and I told him I had brought in my own fruit, but I really appreciated the effort LOL.
    2673 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4592528
    You inspire me! Again! Well said ... Well done!
    2674 days ago
    Update ... got my pregnant co-worker to recommend a change of location for lunch. Was able to order a healthy salad where I choose my own ingredients ... yeah Zia Taqueria!
    2674 days ago
    Loved your blog! You are doing great at saying No!
    2674 days ago
    Congratulations on your being able to say "no" effortlessly!!! I remember that feeling of control over my eating and being able to say no to others encouraging me to eat...I am sorry to say I caved in somewhere along the way and now have to get back on the track. Your blog has given me strength to go for it!!!
    2674 days ago
    This is such a great blog1 You are so right. I slipped off the wagon and consumed gluten and sugar products. I have been dealing with sore joints and crakiness along with fatigue and cravings. I accept full responsability for my actions but I am trying to remember how I feel now for the next time I feel my resolve desolve.

    I can say, I felt amazing before and yucky now. I also know I can get there again. I am so proud of you for sticking to your guns under peer pressure. It is so hard. Way to go!
    2674 days ago
    Thanks everyone! I dealt with the sugar change a little slower in November and December because of the holidays. However, I did start by going on a very strict anti-fungal diet (yeast) for the first three or 4 weeks. I felt so much better, I just stuck to it and also eliminated any foods I was sensitive to. It boils down to eliminating pretty much all pre-packaged foods and reading the labels carefully when I can't. I satisfy the sweet tooth with stevia drops in herbal tea and tons of fresh fruit throughout the day.

    P.S. I was not as careful when staying with my daughter for two weeks at Christmas. Christmas Day, after breakfast, my foggy head, weakness, fatigue, headaches had all returned full force. I knew I had to make a permenant change and have not looked back since.
    2674 days ago
    What a great blog! We deal with food sensitivities galore at our house (eggs, potatoes, corn, gluten, soy, natural flavoring, red dye 40.....) so we too say "NO" quite often.

    I do love your spirit about it thought as I tend to get a bit negative when the recipes aren't as easy to come by for variety. How did you combat the sugar change? We don't drink soda as of Dec. 1 and I don't use a lot of it, but I know it is hidden in so many things. Would like to weed it out even more.
    2674 days ago
    2674 days ago
    What a fantastic blog. It is a big accomplishment to find out what your triggers are and then to avoid them.
    2674 days ago
    What a glowing report! Praise be to God for giving you that overcomer spirit! I love how you are doing.
    2674 days ago
    What beautiful success!!! emoticon Keep up the GREAT work!
    2674 days ago
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