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a stretching routine (beginners)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

oh I just love this ltgl (living the good life) challenge, basically I can't live without stretching. here's what I do:

(even though I can't reach all the positions fully, too much belly in the way, I do it AS IF I could; hold a position about 15 seconds, breathe out and deepen the stretch, hold again, maybe a further deepening, then relax and shake out.)


sitting on floor, legs together, straight out in front. feel sit-bones, straighten spine, relax shoulders, let them fall down far away from ears.

1. slowly raise toes up into air, pulling towards knees, then press toes down towards floor. (flex/point) variation: one foot only; mix right, left, both.

2. back straight, pull forward (belly-button towards knees)
3. back round, nose towards knees
variation: no. 2 with feet pointed, then flexed; ditto no. 3

4. do the same with legs apart (comfortably), upper body moves to center.
variation: also with feet pointed, then flexed

5. repeat (straight back, round back) with soles of feet together, knees open towards floor. really pull yourself up and out of the hip joints.


find a comfortable position to sit in if not no. 5 above.

1. pull up, then slowly look downwards, feel your spine like a candy cane.
you can support the stretch by placing hands over head like in an airplane emergency. (hold and stretch...)

2. stretch head to either side, ear towards shoulder, supported by one hand on opposite ear.

gently now, don't tear or overdo anything!

3. look up, but without scrunching the back of your neck, and feel the stretch in the front of neck all the way to chin.


1. sitting comfortably, raise one arm up and place hand behind head on back or shoulder, then press elbow back with other hand. (reverse side)

2. kneeling, place hands on floor in front of knees, but twisted with fingers pointing backwards, towards you, thumbs on the outside. slowly move back towards heels, leaving hands in place.

then, when you get up, you can go from here to a squat position, leaving hands on floor turning them around so fingers point forwards, then slowly straighten legs leaving nose on knees. hold this a while, then gently roll up through the spine to a standing position.

the cherry on top: lift heels rising to half point and balance.
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