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When did I start eating low-carb?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about low-carb diets. I don't like them, I don't support them, and while I know that they work for some people, they're not a good choice for me. I really don't feel like people need to eliminate entire food groups from their diet to succeed.

You see, I LIKE carbs. I love pasta. I adore pizza. I really do love it!

But over the past year or so, I've been making healthier choices, and have started choosing complex carbs over simple carbs. I eat a lot more veggies. Instead of pasta four times a week, I might have it one. I skip my morning breakfast biscuits more often than not, now.

I have been noticing on my nutrition reports, though, that I'm usually under the minimum ranges for carbs, and I'm not sure how that happened.

(Full image here: tinyurl.com/adxyh

The green range is where I'm supposed to be.

Here's my graph from the first couple of months I used Sparkpeople. (very low points are likely days I didn't track accurately.)

(Full image here: tinyurl.com/adwhr

Now, I don't really see this as a problem; the carbs I do get are high-quality. I don't avoid bread, I eat whole wheat. I like my pasta, but I mix it half-and-half. I'm more likely to skip the tortillas, but I still enjoy a good fajita bowl.

It's just weird; I didn't choose this, it just happened. I don't stress about it, and believe me, on the days I work out, I make sure I get enough (you can tell what days those are, they're the ones in the green ranges.) I don't think I'm really eating low enough to call it "low carb" either, though I don't know enough abut it to say. I just think it's interesting. ;)

Strange how habits change.
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    It does kinda sneak up on ya! I get around 100-135 of carbs daily from veggies and fruit and the occasional grain or starchy veg. Not considered low but lower. As long as you feel great then don't question it! emoticon
    1922 days ago
    I feel the exact same way! I hate low carb diets too but was also surprised that I naturally was eating fewer carbs when I was losing weight and maintaining. I think healthy carbs like starchy veg, fruit, and whole grain are naturally more filling than simple carbs so you eat less overall. And with tracking, you quickly learn to eliminate empty calories that won't keep you feeling full. Simple carbs are not nutrient dense enough to waste your calories on!
    1926 days ago
  • -CORAL-
    I naturally eat under my carb level every day. When you move to eating more clean food and lots of veggies, in place of carby-foods and not a lot of sweets and sugar, I think it's natural to eat a lower-ish carb diet. I never understood when I see people on the boards talking about how their carbs are so high, then you go look at their trackers and they eat like crap!
    1928 days ago
    You gotta watch user entered foods. I came up with 220 g of fiber yesterday, and when I went into the nutrition report it turned out my Denny's French toast had been entered (by whoever entered it) with 201 g of fiber!
    1930 days ago
    This too happened to me when I started high protein diet!
    1930 days ago
    I don't think I have ever been out of the green with carbs. They are all over the place in our house. My challenge is to increase my protein without increasing fats. I haven't been as meticulous as I used to be, but I will once I heal up my shoulder and get back into ST. Right now it hurts just to move the mouse. LOL

    As far as the ranges go, I think what is most important is that when one is trying to stay within calorie range, they need to still try to keep the balance right.
    1930 days ago
    That happens to me too! As I choose more veggies than fruits, fewer starchy foods, my carbs just naturally fall a bit lower than spark recommends. However, as long as I feel healthy and have enough energy, I don't worry about it.
    1932 days ago
    This has happened to me as well!!! Not as much lately, but I don't cut out carbs, not deliberately, but I am trying to eat more whole foods and less processed foods and my carbs are just coming in at the bottom range usually. I do'nt worry about it, I feel great, I am eating great foods for my body to give it proper fuel.

    I would say the same to you. Good for you for choosing your health!
    1932 days ago
    I naturally come in under my carbs, too. I don't avoid them, I just don't chose them that often. I think that a lower carb approach is fine if it is just how you're eating!
    1932 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1932 days ago
    Tip: be careful when entering food into the tracker as it's easy to put it in wrong and/or for others to totally skip entering in information. When I was tracking there were a few days that my numbers were seriously out of wack and it was because of an entry error.

    That being said, if it comes natural to you to eat less carbs, then it can't be all bad, right? As you said, you choose healthier carbs and have more when you know you need them.
    1932 days ago
    I do like my carbs, but, like you, I am finding I am eating less of them. I made a conscious effort to try to eat more protein and less carbs, but I was never planning to cut them out entirely. I couldn't sustain that sort of a plan. I am pretty much at the low end of my range, and my amount of protein has increased. I like your idea of mixing the pasta. I am going to give that a try!
    1932 days ago
    Are you sure you're getting enough servings of fresh fruit and veggies ? If you're eating 6-9 servings a day, that should put your carb intake around 40-50%. Add whole grains for the day and that would put a person at 50-65% carbs.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1932 days ago
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