"I am folded and unfolded and unfolding"

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Here I am writing in this very small box trying to think outside of the box! I wanted to sit down and write a sincere apology to all my BLC cougar teammates, I have been a terrible teammate and totally have been on the go for the past two weeks. Now that I think of it, my new transformation is really quite remarkable. I feel so happy, fulfilled and motivated (I sound like a person with serious bipolar disorder if you read my blogs). I am starting to finally bloom into myself, become who I am meant to be and change myself for the better. ¡§I am ready, I am ready, I am.¡¨ I have felt nothing but amazing these past few weeks and have felt nothing but joy being social, exploring new places, spending all day walking around with friends and well almost indulging in things that make me feel good. I should back the bus up and say that food used to do that for me, I would indulge in food and feel fantastic doing so. Now I would much rather indulge in a nice nightie, sweet shades (I bought my first pair of totally spacey looking Oakleys and I enjoy them very much) and well my recent purchase of Platform sandal wedges. Hello spring and the New Jennie ƒº Don¡¦t worry I am not going too crazy with the spending but it does feel great and it makes me feel ten times better than food could ever do for me¡Kphew!
Other than having an amazing social life lately (which I wouldn¡¦t change for the world) I am totally happy to be back on here and getting back into my workout routine. I have a March challenge I must meet with a beautiful girl (O sweet Angela) and I am falling far behind on that! I will get those 1000 minutes if I have to do it all at once!

I must also say that with the changing seasons, it is finally almost mustang time...I have been dying to hop in the leather seat, push the clutch in and turn my sexy ride on. That sweet sweet purr of life is all I need, and when I shift the gears and hit the gas the responding engine really makes me a happy happy girl. My need for speed is quite unfathomable. I cannot wait to tear up the streets, spend all day getting a fabulous workout washing and cleaning him and well¡Kthis year I actually want to take pics with my car..It will happen!

Happy Daylight Savings Day loves-take care and happy sparking!

I figured Id include some pictures for you to enjoy! My new sandals, my puppy on one of her walks I took her for and me out dancing the night away with some friends (those pictures were great I wish it wasn¡¦t so dark)
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