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Gratitude and Fun

Sunday, March 10, 2013


This has been a financially challenging week for me. I know that things always work out but earlier this morning, I found that I just was not able to get unfocused from money. I really didn't want to waste my precious Sunday worrying about things I can't solve today but I just couldn't get disconnected.

I started catching up on emails and came across an article about values. If you do a search for "Values", there's all kinds of lists to peruse and consider for yourself. The list below are the things that caught my attention:

- Creativity/ability
- Compassion/smile/kindness
- Health (physical/mental/spiritual)
- Generosity
- Honesty/integrity/loyalty
- Learning/intelligence
- Optimism/Joy
- Abundance/Gratitude/
- Encouragement/making a difference
- Time/recreation
- Peace/Stillness
- Frugality (the joy of the bargain!)

Except for frugality, there's not a money value in the bunch! It's amazing how much better I feel now; ready to get on with my day of gratitude and the knowledge that things will work out when they need to.

Tracking my food is going pretty well; I've done some tweaking and I even came up with a new favorite dish. I was at the grocery store one day a couple of weeks ago and they had marked down some coleslaw mix that was close to its "sell-by" date. I didn't know what I was going to do with it but it was 59 cents! How could I walk away from it?

I found a can of pineapple in the pantry and added that. That was OK but it still needed something else. I wanted something with protein so I put in a tablespoon of tahini. (I keep tahini on hand for hummus but I'm not in the hummus mood these days.) OK, getting better. Ooh, how about some unsalted sunflower nuts? Yeah, great texture, now we're getting somewhere! Cinnamon and Ginger? (I'm always looking for things to add the healing spices to.) Absolutely!

So now I have this visually unappealing, rather bland-looking but quite tasty dish. Now I just have to find some color for it so I can actually serve it to my suspicious friends and family. I just now made some for later and I added shredded red cabbage . . . getting closer. Shredded carrots will be next. This is fun!!

One day while I was out walking, a thought came to the front of my mind: "Your creativity will get you through." What I'm "getting through" might change from day to day, but for today, my creativity has moved my focus to what's important right now: gratitude and fun!

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