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2013 Races

Sunday, March 10, 2013

BFF Pink Ribbon 5K Race - 3/9/2013
Time 47.54 Pace 15.25
Finished 294th of 419

My running buddies...Sally the Beast, Lori the Princess and me the Chief

Warming up before the race....realized several things:

1. Wear sun glasses
2. Pink hair band is maybe not the right look yet
3. Side view is the most truthful looking
4. Touches of blue look really good

emoticon St Patrick Tilted Kilt 5K Race - 3/16/2013
Time 46.28 Pace 14.58
Finished 330rd of 363

Running buddy Sally & me before the race! bonus son, my son and him have been friends since he was in kindergarten! It was his first race younger son was suppose to join us but needed to rest before work. He had been battling a cold.

This race was better and my time was 1:26 faster than last race. Also realized that I do look better without glasses....weight needs to go but I like this look better :)

The race took place at Broadway at the Beach....which is was fun to run by all the shops and amusements....even an upside down house!

Race the Inlet 5K Race - 3/29/2013
Time 48:07 Pace 15.29

Some of the members from my Running Club just before our race....really nice flat course through a seaside fishing village. Oak lined streets and beautiful home, this is one of my favorite courses.

My running buddies and me....


Building Futures for Autism 5K Race -4/13/2013
Time 47:01 Pace 15:08

Beautiful day for the 50's with a light ocean breeze. We ran at Market Commons in Myrtle Beach.

Couple of pictures of my running club before the race....quite a crew!

My running buddies.....Sally the Beast, Lori the Princess and me the Chief

Surfside Beach Rotary Club 5K Race - 4/20/2013
Time 46:24 Pace 14:56
Finished 3rd in my age group!!!!!

Really nice race in my town, I walk to the start from my house and use it as my warm up! Looked like it was going to continue raining but it stopped just before the race, and the weather was race and cloudy!

My running club at work emoticon

View of one of the streets we run!

DIVA North Myrtle Beach 5K Race - 4/28/2013
Time 44:39 Pace 14:13
Finished 719th out of 1,112 Runners

The race was amazing and packed....would you believe 5,500 runners! We arrived early at 5am to get a good parking spot which was about a mile from the race....nice warmup!

We took some pre-race photos ....

This is part of my running club from work

Our MC....a little odd but he was full of energy!

My running buddy Sally and me before the race. I got her started in running and now she passes me!!! I'm working on catching up...

Walking to our corral before the race....the sun is just rising!

This is the rest of our group the corral waiting for the race to start

And we are off.....

This was what was waiting for us at the end to present the DIVA medal....

After race everyone hung out for a while ....

Our group shared a glass of champagne....

Just before the race finishes, we get a boa & tiara....then right after going over the finishing line a very cute surfer gives you a medal and a rose....then a glass of champagne. Here I am after the race .....finally done! DIVA loot from the race...

The DIVA medals.....this year was the 5K smaller medal but next year I'm getting that big one!

Little River Rotary Club 5K Race - 5/11/2013
Time 45:00 Pace 14:29

This race had hills which is something I usually never run ....most my courses are super flat. This is our club photo for the race....which many of our members missed due to overtime at work and it's getting pretty hot here. Which the temperature was in the high 70's and pretty muggy!

We are all lined up ready to take off

One of the streets ...

Here I am just jogging along..

Everyone gathered by the old oak tree to wait our results!

Military Appreciation 5K Race - 5/25/2013
Time 43:24 Pace 13:59
Finished 3rd in my age group!

Last race this spring ....really nice run along Ocean Drive and then down the boardwalk! I thought it was going to be hot but the weather cooled down and it was in the 60's during the race.

Here are some photos of the race route on the boardwalk...and yes, it is even more beautiful than the pictures

This my fellow club members posing with our medals! Yes...I got 3rd place in my age group!!!

Wicked Hot 5K Race - 9/8/2013
Time 43.04 Pace 14:09
Huntington State Park

First race of the fall was at Huntington State park and we ran on the road for about half the race, then a trail and finally the beach. The race was at 7:30 and it was a beautiful morning. The name of this race fit it almost perfectly....instead of Wicked Hot, it should have been Wicked Hard! As the weather was prefect but my gosh running in the sand was HARD!

We checked out the beach before the race..

Here I am with my running buddies....before the race.

Starting line

Here I am at the start of the race

Running through the wood on a narrow trail was interesting especially the sandy parts, low branches and little hills. I am so used to running on flat surfaces!

The final part was the hardest running on deep sand to the beach and then finally the beach but during high tide so the sand was still soft. Really worked the legs today! Decided that this was one Wicked Race!

Close up of me with my running buddies!

Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon - 10/20/2013
Time 3:20:32 Pace 15:19
2642th of 2758
Myrtle Beach SC

This surfing themed half marathon, with its surfboard finisher medals and surf style bands. We start at the Mall, run along a main street parkway and end with over 5 miles of oceanfront running!

Two days before the race I picked up the tech race the beach theme and my bib...all during the race I could not figure out why people were yelling..GO Betty, you can do did they know my was on my bib!

Night before the race all my stuff ready...

This is me before the race....we arrived at 6am which was a good thing as it got super crowded with 2758 racers! We even had some rain before the start time of 7am! But is was a comfortable lower 60's with a nice ocean breeze and cloudy for most of the race!

Starting line....

My view of the crowd before the race..

and we are off....

This is the finish line....

And most important of all...our medals!!!!

My medal....and it hanging proudly next to my medal from last year!

Great Race!!!

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