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Saturday, March 09, 2013

My hubby and some friends decided to run a 5k that happened today. Let's recap the weather shall we? It is Minnesota in March, so never predictable, but always "interesting." We got 6 inches of snow last week Sun-Tues. It has gotten above 32 degrees every day this week with sunshine. This equals melting snow. Today we did not have sunshine. We had rain and 37 degrees (F). For those of you that don't often experience this type of weather, let me share, it is cold, windy, wet, slippery, slushy, and puddley all at the same time. So, it was pretty miserable. And when the wind comes off of a body of water, burrrr! Now, I did not run in this 5k, nor participate in any way other than as a spectator. It was DANG cold. I made the comment about being tired (we left our house at 6:15am for today's adventure and returned home at 8:30pm) and my hubby was like, I ran 3 miles today. I responded, I watched and waited in the cold for you to run 3 miles. I won.

Anyway, it was a fun day, despite the cold and rain. We hung out with friends, had lunch with them, went to the raptor center and learned about birds of prey and then met other friends for dinner. Woo!

So, in regards to the title of my blog. A coworker has decided that we should all "run" the Rave Run that is in town in May. I use the term run loosely, as we are not runners. But my hubby and I have talked about doing a 5k together, not really running, but participating. Hubby mentioned that we were doing this today with the friends that ran and they are all excited because I am going run the 5k with them. I was politely trying to explain that while I intended to participate, I would not be running, unless something or someone was chasing me, putting my life in danger. So, it would seem that I will be participating in my first 5k in May. It will likely be a brisk walk, but still a 5k. My community also does a walk in April. It isn't a fundraiser or anything, just a community walk. I think we may participate as a way to "train" for the shorter 5k in May. This run will be taking place the week before I turn 35. It could be fun right? Right? Please tell me this will be fun!!

Anyway, perhaps I will dust off that couch2-5k instructional guide. Maybe I can jog a few feet of it? Wish me luck!
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