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Saturday, March 09, 2013

We are suppose to make an inspirational vision board. Yes we have done this before so I was wondering (in my life; right now) how could I do an inspirational board to keep me inspired?
When I began Spark, I was very inspired by the wonderful people around me. I did an AWESOME job in my first year. The second year I let life get in the way but I did ok...that's where I started messing up. I lost about 15 pounds my second year but since it wasn't "as good" as the first I started beating myself up. The next year was worse. I had some emotional issues to deal with and let them KNOCK me off my path. I was struggling to keep my head above water and I did what was "Normal" for me. Hide and pretend everything was ok instead of asking for help.
I have a wonderful family but I'm the go to person so I don't like to GO TO anyone. I have wonderful sparkers here that I could have talked to but I have a serious issue with asking for help. For 2013 my motto is to HAVE FUN, LOVE and ENJOY LIFE no matter How crazy it gets!! My God is enough and I know with Him I will accomplish this!! I will truly enjoy my weight loss whether it's a pound or only a few inches. So my board is definitely different this year from the past....

This is my life after starting spark, I was enjoying my life, in pictures and I am going to inspire myself to get back to where I was and continue on with this Fabulous Journey!!
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