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Dear Friend

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Well, Today I pre-ordered the new book [THANK YOU, Dottee] and got 3 months of coaching for free! And I REALLY need it! I've gained 20#'s since hitting my goal weight in April 2011. Yes, it's discouraging! But somehow getting this free membership today is giving me HOPE! The first thing I read was to treat yourself the way you would treat others. I would NEVER tell a good friend, or one of my children, that they were a fat pig, and there was NO HOPE! Yet, I told myself that everyday this week! And yes, it was a MISERABLE week of defeat!!!!!

So on the coaching video today, I was encouraged to write myself a letter AS IF I was my own best friend, so here goes!

Dear Susan,

I know you've been pretty discouraged over your inability to find that motivation that helped you lose 63#'s. I know it's discouraging to have your clothes feel tight, and to look at your closet full of size 4's and not be able to wear them. I can feel your pain! However, this is NOT the end of the story! I believe that you can do this through the strength of Jesus! I believe that you CAN eat moderately and healthfully through the power of His Spirit in you! I KNOW that you can lose these 20#'s and I'm going to be your CHEERLEADER, and not your worst enemy! From now on, I will be for you and NOT against you! I will ONLY speak those things that will energize and encourage you in the journey! I won't tell you self-defeating words like I've been telling you! From this time forward, I'm your new best friend! Now LET'S DO THIS together, shall we!

With love, Your inner voice! emoticon

Still no job--March 12th will be four months with no work. I'm SURE this has added to my stress and emotional eating, but thus far and NO further!

Thank you for NOT giving up on me, dearest friends! Today is a day of NEW BEGINNINGS!

Dum spiro, spero, "While I breathe, I hope". -- Latin Proverb

"You either sacrifice today to reach tomorrow's goals, or you give up your dreams in favor of the fleeting comfort that's distracting you." Dave Griffin

"Sometimes life is so intense and demanding that it just sweeps us along. Weeks and months can go by and we have forgotten to be Deliberate & Strategic about the things that matter most, our marriage, children, and spiritual family. Some of these ideas can be woven into the natural rhythm of life (like meals), others will take some scheduling. Either way, ask God for the grace to be proactive as it pertains to loving. Don’t let your self-life get the better of you, causing you to be sucked into an endless whirlpool of superficial existence.

I heartily encourage you to live life to the fullest in Christ, valuing the precious people in your life. Time goes by so quickly, don’t waste a minute. Everything you do, do it all for the glory of God, as a act of worship. Love well, love consistently, and love with extravagant abandon." Tim Johns [my dear brother in Jesus and the pastor that officiated at our wedding]

Okay, OFF TO THE STARTING LINE!!!! Here I go again, trying to REMEMBER that the ONLY way I fail is to QUIT!!!!! Love you all so dearly!!!!!
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