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Time To Train Your Brain

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Yes,indeed-everywhere I go I keep hear about Training our Brains to be successful at losing weight-getting fit, and just about everything...

Successful weight loss is much more than dieting and exercise. Actually,
losing weight and improving our health is as much, if not more, an internal
process than it is an external process. If you wish to create a permanent change in any aspect of your life, including weight loss, you have to have a significant change in your mind.

There is a very real relationship between your attitude and the outcome. Transforming yourself
is more about attitude and commitment than it is about finding the right diet or
exercise program. Having the right frame of mind equates with a positive outcome.

“People tend to have a cognitive bias toward their failures, and toward negativity,” says Matthew Della Porta, a positive psychologist and organizational consultant. Our brains are more likely to seek out negative information and store it more quickly to memory.
This is not always bad. Acknowledging problems and facing failures can lead us to better solutions. But too often, we go overboard, and beat ourselves up for our failures or let ourselves dwell in the negative.
By consciously increasing our focus on the positive, we start to even the balance. We find a happy medium where we can address failures and challenges without letting them get us down, leaving us more motivated, productive, and likely to succeed.

Thinking about the good in your life can help balance that bias, giving your brain the extra time it needs to register and remember a positive event.
To help your brain store positive events, reflect on what you’re grateful & what went well each day. Journals & blogs are a great way to start.

The more often you hear a message, the more likely you are to believe it. The same goes for messages about who you are and what you are capable of doing. By repeating positive affirmations with conviction several times each morning, you are training your brain to believe them. “Over time, you’ll start to internalize them,” Della Porta says. Repeat your affirmations silently if you feel self-conscious.
Choose two to three affirmations that represent your values and goals, such as ‘I can handle whatever comes my way,’ ‘There is plenty of time,’ or ‘I’m getting better every day.’ The repetition will influence the way you interpret negative events, making you more resilient. “Especially if you’re predisposed to negative thinking, this can be extremely effective,” Della Porta says.

Challenge negative thoughts. Each time a negative thought arises, we choose how to respond. If left to our own devices, we tend to dwell. Our brains home in on negative events so they seem much bigger and more significant than they are. To combat that, start by imagining the thought as separate from yourself, as something you can observe and deconstruct. “Get in the habit of distancing yourself instead of dwelling,” Della Porta says.

Challenge negative thoughts that are unfairly self-deprecating. Nip it in the bud-praise yourself for each positive step you take ,it doesn't come naturally; you have to learn and practice.Over time, it’ll become automatic and negative thoughts will be less likely to come up.

Train your Brain & Repeat after me...I Can Do IT!!!!

Thanks for dropping by & enjoy your day!

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