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Saturday, March 09, 2013

I used the last of my Hanukkah giftcard last night on this huge book about fertility, kinda felt silly buying it but holy crap, I am learning so much! I laid down in bed at 7:40 pm last night (friday night) I read straight through for 2 hrs lol I am just amazing how much we are never taught as women. I guess unless u seeked out a women's reproductive class in college, no one would tell u really simple things. Like women are only fertile 2 days out of a month and the other days if u check your temp, cervical position and fluids you could very would know there's a very small chance. Also that the sperm lives for 5 days in women. Uhhh under PERFECT conditions. You have to be at prime time for ovulation and your cervical fluid has to be just so, for that to be true. If that is not true, the sperm dies within hours. Also you don't get conceive asap after copulation. It takes the sperm hours to reach their destination and the actual implantation takes 4-5 days later while your at desk at work LOL Also if you watch your temp and chart it, you can know your pregnant before tests tell you, cuz your temp will stay higher once you do get pregnant. This isn't good stuff just for getting pregnant though, this is good for being in a relationship too. They instill so much fear into women about getting pregnant and keep up us BC. When really if you can pop a thermometer in your mouth for 30 seconds while half sleeping and write it down. You can save a lot of stress and know your body better then taking hormones. I am sure I will keep spouting off more things no one wants to know but there ya go. I had to share my excitement! lol Oh man you guys it's just gonna get better when I do get pregnant and get more and more gross. Stay tuned! Thanks again for Jen for sending me in this direction!

Yesterday I felt like garbage, but I got my 10k steps at work so missing the gym last night was ok. Scott wanted mexican, so we went even tho I wasn't that hungry. Didn't order rice and beans, just got a veggie burrito and I stuck to my guns for the night and didn't eat anything else. Still in the 150's today! Woot woot! What is it about eating a fatty meal that makes me wanna keep eating fatty stuff for the rest of the night? It's all mind or matter, man! I know sometimes it's just tiresome being hard on yourself. But it's also hard on your body being easy on yourself All the freaking time! It was a good week, wekkend is here and I am not falling off the wagon. It was so hard getting up on this stupid wagon again. You wanna push me off, you better bring a crow bar. I took my rosemaries, lavendar and baby christmas tree outside to the deck this morning!! Gonna be 50 today, so excited!!! Have an awesome weekend you guys!

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    I always knew when I had conceived because my boobs hurt, instantly.
    1868 days ago
    We use the rhythm method and have for YEARS. No complaints here lol. But I am also very regular so it makes it easy. Good luck!
    1872 days ago
    I was in a farm store today looking at seeds and some guy told me it was too early to plant stuff. I said, I have a friend who lives up north and is starting plants in her basement. He laughed and said that we have an addiction. At least it's to something healthy.

    Nurses get into reproduction in depth in nursing school. It was pretty interesting.

    I have been working on cleaning and grooming my lawn decorations and my hubby is helping, Love it!!
    1872 days ago
    Words of wisdom to be embroidered on a sampler and hung up to read every day: "It's hard on your body being easy on yourself." Love it!! emoticon
    1872 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    We can certainly agree with the morning temp method, we have months' worth of charts, hopefully it will lead to success soon for us:)
    1873 days ago
    My sister used the temp & mucus method for years - my body was never on that much of a schedule to make tracking work. Well, plus my temp when I wake up is about 2 to 3 degrees below normal........

    Have you read Our Bodies Ourselves? By women, about women. Very 60s-70s in tone, but very informative - and they update periodically. Worth a look. It was like our women's Bible in college!
    1873 days ago
    Wow! Thanks for posting this. You always provide so much interesting information that I had no clue about! This stuff is so confusing to me! It's kind of depressing that we only have 2 for certain days a month to get knocked up. That's gotta put a lot of pressure on you when you're trying. I probably wouldn't even be able to enjoy it- just thinking about those sperm swimming! LOL!!

    Keep up the informative blogs! I can't wait to read about when you and Scott are pregnant! :D
    1873 days ago
    Haha you're welcome! I agree, it's pretty interesting stuff and I didn't know it either, until we really wanted a family. I haven't taken BC in about 20 years, haven't needed to. I think lots of women would be able to get off BC if they just had this knowledge!!! So many people think their cycles are so messed up, but what really happens is they don't pay attention to their bodies. Even now that I'm done having kids, I always know what my body is doing now.

    Great job sticking to your guns on the burrito!!! My food has been less than stellar this week. I'm sooo jealous of you and would LOVE to be in the 150's! Hell, the 180's would be great for me!!! Only about 40 more lbs. to go, but it's slow going. :/
    1873 days ago
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