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78 pounds lost! WooHoo!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

I finally got Don to take a new photo of me, since the last one I posted was a month old. It is pretty amazing that I am now at the 78 pound loss mark. I am so close to my next goal I can smell it.

Dr. Vino Raj, who has been instrumental in helping me get the medical hurdles removed that hindered my weight loss, also is the one who gave me the initial gift of a gym membership. We talked yesterday. He told me how proud he is of my accomplishment. That it must feel good that you are inspiring others on this journey.

He just got married a few months ago. He and his wife are such wonderful people. The one thing we agreed that helped me more than anything was his brutal honesty with me. He never uses a butter knife to help me. I have never been more challenged and at the same time helped in a friendship, as much as I have with Vino.

He challenged my whole thinking about weight loss. I had given up after multiple health issues. He took me through every hurdle, but didn't let me off the hook concerning personal responsibility. I had to believe that I was worth the fight.....

It took 2 years for the medical issues to finally be in check. The next hurdle was very painful...finding the courage to get back on track with fitness. I was already convinced that it was too late. That I was too old to change. That I had already missed my chance. Vino wouldn't hear it. He kept telling me that I needed to go to the gym. I argued with him that I was able to workout at home, He wouldn't stop nagging me. I lost the argument the day he handed me a one month pass to the gym.

It was one of the best early birthday gifts I ever got. There was a sense of accountability that rose up in me. Someone else paid a price because he believed in me. He believed it would change me. I took the challenge to heart and began going to the gym.

It was pitiful to start with. I felt like a spastic turkey trying to make my body move on the different machines. It took weeks to not feel extreme pain the day after....Vino wouldn't even feel sorry for me. He said it would get better. I kept going. I still remember the first time I tried to do the step machine. I couldn't do it. I was moving my legs, but the steps moved faster than my legs and my heart rate shot up so fast, I had to stop.

SEVEN MONTHS!!!! That is how long I have been going to the gym consistently. Every week I go and do about one hour of cardio each time I step in. People will walk up to me and congratulate me. The staff trainers all smile when I arrive. They use me as an example, when people start going and make excuses about why they can't work out harder. They say, "Mary can do an hour, you can too".

I shook one of the trainers hands before starting the class I lead. He said that I was fit and smiled....I blushed and set up the room. There are 7 ladies coming to the class. They know to bring a mat, weights, and stability ball. They know that by the end of the hour, they will be drenched with sweat. They love the class, because it is fun and hard....

There is one key that I want to emphasis in this blog entry. This key is something I have only began to learn in the last 7 months. That is the key of support from friends who believe in you, sometimes, even more than you believe in yourself. The next time someone pays you a compliment, don't deflect it, but embrace it. The next time you reach a goal or finish a workout, give yourself a pat on the back for reaching that goal or pushing just a little harder than you did the last workout.

Don't erase the good things that you are doing by self-hating talk. Thinking you are not really a victor until you hit a number on a scale, will only spell defeat. It is time to recognize how truly amazing you are. It is time to recognize the potential that is inside. Failure isn't failure unless you give up. Don't give up....
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