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Friday, March 08, 2013

I have been slacking.

I was doing really really good. Since about October 2012 I have been exercising and tracking really consistently and really sticking with better habits despite not seeing a lot of weight loss on the scale. Then in January I gave up alcohol and I also got the crud. The combination of not drinking and getting a lot more sleep than usual finally moved the scale. Then February rolled around and I have slowly fell out of the habits I had created. I stopped tracking my food when I couldn't get "accurate" counts instead of just trying to approximate (think restaurants and husband's cooking). I broke my 123 day login streak. I started skipping practice in favor of hanging out and drinking with friends and family. The only thing that even remotely motivated me was my fitbit. I still fastidiously jumped on my trampoline or walk/ran circles around the conference room table in an effort to get those 10K steps everyday. But other than that I have been kind of a slug. And now the scale is starting to reflect it. So now I'm really worried. I tried to make some mini goals for the end of February, but I broke one right away and then gave up on all of them immediately. Then I tried just brainstorming some goals for March, but then the 1st came and went and I never committed to anything. I kept falling into these downward spirals of "perfection".

Well I'm here to say NO MORE!

I need to get "progress not perfection" tattooed on my chest.

I've been wanting a chest tattoo for a year or so now. Maybe this will be my motivation to get to a bigger goal. Something more than just a goal weight and those sparkly sequined shorts that hang in my closet. And, if that is to be the meaning of my tattoo I must live it until the day I can get it written on me. On that day I will weigh 150 or less AND, god-willing, be wearing those damn sparkly shorts.

Today's progress:
I've tracked everything I ate so far. I can keep that up.
I went to speed skating and off skates. - I even went late. Which I normally HATE to do. But you know what? Screw that. Better to show up half way through than not at all! And we did yoga which I don't have a ton of experience with. I really enjoyed it.
I'm well on track to get my 10K today.

I'm striving for progress not perfection. My goals don't have to be made on a Monday or the first of the month.

GOAL: Track all food for the next 7 days
GOAL: Workout (at least 30 min) 5 of the next 7 days
GOAL: Make 3 Derby practices in the next 7 days.

These are obtainable. My reward for making these steps towards momentum in the right direction will be $50 of online shopping. ( I've been eyeballing some things on as usual )

I feel good. I want to do this. Its not just about the way I look or how I play derby. Its to live a better life. I deserve to be healthy and feel good.
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