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Friday, March 08, 2013

Now for something completely different as they used to say on Monty Python....
Decided to post this for all of you who have limited funds or just don't like to be ripped off-

As most of you know I have been unemployed for 6 months now, have had several interviews that seem to get close but no job yet, a week ago I had a promising one... but I'll believe it when I am sitting in a new office.

Anyway I have run out of any extra funds and am not spending any $ for things like haircuts, clothes, outings etc. (fortunately I have an extensive wardrobe of smaller size clothes so as I lose weight I can just chose from what I already have.)
For Christmas my brother in Alaska gave me a gift debit card from a company whose initials are MC. I had been saving this card to get my hair cut either when I got a job or to look presentable for interviews. I finally decided to schedule an appt and waited for 3 weeks because Terri (who does my hair) was booked and then out of town.

Lately as hair has been known to do- I have had numerous "good hair" days for no apparent reason. I debated for a week whether to keep the appt or not but finally decided to go ahead.
Because my mom is in the hospital, my brother is here with my 18 yr old niece. It has become her ritual to get her hair done when she is here. When I was flush I would pay.
So I while I was still debating about going she said she had made her own appt at the same place a half hour before my appt- I took this as a sign I definitely should keep my appt.

So I go to the appt, talk about various things, including how I am still unemployed and her husband who got fired is still unemployed as well. All done I go to use my gift debit card. Needed to void the first transaction and re-enter it. Re-enter the new amount and my debit card says I no longer have the original amount on the card to pay my bill. Terri, very thoughtfully calls the company to ask what gives? It turns out because I am paying for a "service" they randomly charge $7.50 to use the card- some kind of processing fee. Services include: hair, nails etc as well as going out to eat! Somewhere this is listed on the folded up paper of teeny tiny print included with the card-which of course I had not read. I suggest maybe something important like that should be labeled on the card itself or in big letters on the cardboard it came attached to. The operator says I'll pass on your suggestion- I say, I will never use your products again- operator says- "that's why I never use them either.!"

So I had to write a check and now have to figure out what I can do to cover the expense. Because you can use card for gas or concrete items- I am trying to broker a deal with my 19 yr old son who has a job! to trade me cash for the card, so I can cover my check.

So this was probably too much of a rambling story but I wanted people to know about this practice which I think is ridiculous- remind everyone to read their teeny tiny print or just don't get an MC debit gift card.
The other ironic thing is that the card came from my brother who is off in Alaska 99% of the time while I struggle caring for my parents alone.

Have a healthy weekend...
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