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Friday, March 08, 2013

Ah, an interesting quality and one in which I am lacking. Fortitude involves the courage to keep trying even when you've filleted your flat and you can't find your mojo.

And when things you can't control get in the way.

Take this week. This week I was planning to start a gym streak. The weather's warmed up a bit, spring is here in a washed out and feeble sort of way, and so far 10 people have mentioned how nice my new dress looks on me (I've put notches on my desk at work. No I haven't but for a minute you thought I had didn't you? I actually have a little tally going on a post-it note. In my head).

Getting back to what I was supposed to be talking about, I have enough stuff to feel motivated about, and then guess what happened at work yesterday morning? I started to go down with a cold.

'Oh what fresh hell is this?' I said to myself, in Dorothy Parker mode.

Felt increasingly grotty, got home, mooched around, went to bed early, slept badly, woke up at 3am with my right nostril stuck to the pillow with . . . sorry that really WOULD be too much information wouldn't it? Bleugh bleugh blah. Drifted back to sleep, woke up at 5.15am, reached for trashy novel, dozed, woke up at 6.45am, reached for Laptop, logged on to see if I've got a new popular blog award and I haven't and if you think I don't care about not getting one you're mistaken, tried reading the Guardian website
but too much like hard work switched off Laptop and mooched for 15 minutes.

And remembered that the SparkJourney thing is lifelong, it's about what you do every hour of every day, it's not about short-term goals it's about the bigger picture. So no good lying around in bed and saying 'I'm going to go down to Tesco's and buy myself a binge cos I feel lousy and I had plans for today.' There'll be plenty of other days when I don't feel very Sparkly and it's no good using a cold as an excuse to eat junk. There'll always be an excuse to eat junk if you want one and I've been doing a lot of that recently.

So I got up and made healthy low calorie porridge for breakfast and ate two-thirds of it.

Just off to scrape the other third off the inside of the microwave.

Speak soon.
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