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Eighty ONE pounds down

Friday, March 08, 2013

Eighty ONE pounds down and fifty nine to go. I would be more than happy if I could just consistently lose half a pound a day. That would only be three and a half a week, ya know. Instead it stays the same and then drops. I'm just excited that for now I am losing a half a pound each time I weigh. For now. Funny that everyone at work thinks I should stop where I am now seeing as how I am still considered obese and won't be downgraded to overweight for several pounds / weeks yet. I just realized yesterday how close it is to having lost a HUNDRED pounds and even though I will still need to lose forty more after that, I HAVE to have a big celebration for that landmark. It's the law.

Ron did good and finished the den ceiling but unfortunately, the crapped out walls force all your attention there. I bought all the new tools and the first forty five wall panels and stain today. We used Colonial Maple at the cabin and I planned on the same for the house but they didn't have any at all so I ended up with ten quarts of red oak. No gallpns in that either. Ron called when he got off work asking why I hadn't told them to deliver it so I had to call them back but it would be a wait until Monday and over sixty dollars for them to travel the two miles or so and he gave in and supposedly picked it up after all. I asked if he was going to let me stain them before installation because of the fumes and liklihood of smears on the ceilong etc. and of course he answered that he didn't know WHAT I was going to do. As if I had any control over his agendas. He said they would still have to be measured and cut before I could stain and then asked why I didn't just want to do a clear coat so they wouldn't be so dark. So there ya go. Return the stain and get clear coat. I still have to find some colonial maple for the cabin's picnic table since it will probably drip on the already stained deck.

Another good deal is that I didn't fall for the stuff the dental zoom man was trying to sell. They included in the price a set of custom dental trays and five tubes of the home whitening gel saying that it would last "forever" and that I should use it every night. Replacements would be seventy dollars for four tubes. Instead, for twenty five dollars, I got TWELVE tubes. EACH ebay tube holds more than the four tubes from the dentist AND is forty four percent instead of thirty three percent. So what if I'm not the clearance queen anymore? I still know when to shop around. I searched online to figure out what clear coat to replace the stain with and will be getting some that dries in two hours instead of twenty four and cleans with soap and water instead of mineral spirits. So there.

It's so annoying that I thought my "friend" of forty two years was gonna give me the time of day. That is just stupid cuz she isn't in a crisis that I know of right mow. Instead of a fair weather friend, she's my stormy weather friend and is only around if she needs a ride or such. I was even on the bribery trail as I have been known to follow tryong to get the step daughter to let us into her life. I offered to give her my forty gallon aquarium, fish, and all supplies several weeks ago but she never showed up and only answered the forth email cuz I wrote that she must not want it and she said she did. Too late now tho. I am SICK of listening to the bubbler although I was shcked last nite to find we still have two sucker fish when I thought we had lost one of them months ago. Anyway, I have decided that I really want to try my hand at turning the thing into a terrarium and possibly adding a couple of frogs or turtles or lizards. Man, though! Those things are EXPENSIVE at Petco! Zack is going to sell the fish back to the fish store and I'm gomna let him keep the money for his trouble.

Now if I can just get someone to buy me this bed!

It goes without saying that I'm most likely not going to The Outlaw Road Show this weekend since by myself is not my deal. If Counting Crows were definitely performing, I might. I actually did go to a couple of music festivals by myself in Salt Lake City but that was way before Dakota was born. Really hoping to work on those den walls instead but we all know not to make any plans on what Ron's agenda will be. Maybe I will hike if he says no? Go to niece's garage sale just to look? A week from Saturday is a done deal, however. I will definitely be celebrating all that pain from twenty two years ago having that firstborn monkey. The best thing is that it doesn't start til eight pm this weekend and starts at noon the day we are definitely going. Also, there were just a few that seemed to hold my interest from the preview page for this weekend but the day we are going has at least five bands I have been listening to for months and even better I have a Tender Mercies cd (alot of Counting Crows music comes from them) and I have TWO Kasey Anderson cds and they will both be there. I have been really wanting to see Kasey for about a year and now O get to do it for free! I do have a feeling that Zack is gonna HAVE to ditch me for awhile if I go all groupie out there.

"Her two kids in high school, they tell her that she's uncool. Cuz she's still preoccupied with 19...19...1985!"

The week after the concert I have to work on SATURDAY. How horrendous! I had put in for the preceeding Friday as my replacement day off but Johnny is going to look at colleges with his daughter so I gave it to him and took Thursday. It worked out great because the next week I get a three day weekend to take Ron's mom and her husband to the cabin. And stain the picnic table. And build the ladder to the loft. And bring the dining room set back to our all-the-time home. So it's all gonna be busy. Not as busy as tonight at work, perhaps. It's been drama all week. About an hour ago I had three girls screaming and sobbing hysterically for the second time today. All needing my attention at the same time. All with different life shattering crises...when the fire alarm went off. We sorta figured one of the girls pulled it but we had to take it as real. One of the drama girls, the one we thought pulled it, refused to come out of her room until I told her we would carry her out if we had to.

So we go out to the meeting area after I checked that all were out from the other hall but that none girls and staff were nowhere to be found so I had to track them down even though I NEEDED to be with two of the girls having meltdowns and flashbacks. Security parked at the other girls unit and asked why no one had called him to which I explained that I was still trying to find half my girls. And then the fire truck came rolling up! They said it was an actual smoke alarm that had gone off but we never found it. The missing girls were in the gym because some had been in the shower while I had girls in the same situation sitting in the cold with wet hair and no shoes or socks. When we saw the fire truck drive away and still hadn't been released to go inside, I had to walk BACK to the gym where Security was standing around. They had already released the girls that had been warm and cozy in the gym to go inside. Leaving my terrified hoard huddled in darkness. They thought that was everyone. Even though I had TOTALLY explained about the missing half of my unit. Ever stop to wonder where the nurse is hanging out while your in the front of the building? Has anyone ever heard of paging me, at LEAST, to let me know any of these things instead of making me traipse around SEARCHING?!?!

It's AMAZING how one bad thing can like that can fix the fifteen crises that were happening beforehand! Aside from my splitting headache, all the sobbing, tortured souls ended up having a jumping jacks contest (which, of course, gave our budding hypochondriac a stitch in her side she wanted to pass off as a heart attack) and everyone ended up smiling and the Q word that we don't say around here and went happily to bed. Our newest angel that has been very upset with us since she got here because we are so unfair and not trying to work with her actually might have had a breakthrough because of it. I made a special effort to talk to her twice about it and tell her I bragged to the doctor about how she regained her composure when she was truly freaked out in the dark. It really seemed to please her. A smile from some of these kids is just like gold...and just as hard as gold to dig out!!!!

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    You are making such fantastic progress & I will say it again--I'm proud of you! And all while dealing with so much craziness, both at hoe and at work! You deserve a badge girl! Keep it going--you really ARE getting there!
    And FYI--you really DO deserve a party when you hit 100 lbs! Just don't sabotage yourself when you do...
    1924 days ago
    AMAZING!!!! You are doing so great!!!! emoticon
    1926 days ago
    1927 days ago
  • LHLADY517
    Wow, I think that's all I can say. I'm glad everyone is ok.
    1927 days ago
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