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I'm a 49yr old father of a 13yr old daughter & a 9yr old son who wants to meet his grandchildren.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

What does it take to be a good parent? What does it take to be a good grandparent? Do we HAVE to learn from our own mistakes or can we learn from the mistakes of others? What does it take to be the best “Me” regardless of my past? None of these questions will have a resounding single answer, but I believe I must do the best I can and seek to set realistic goals that I can meet and which challenges me to make forward progress or else I will stagnate into routines that won't take me anywhere. In other words, it is extremely hard to hit a target that I am not aiming at and if I do, I won't even know how I did it.
So what I have learned from my experience is that I should have listened to the advice of the positive adult influences in my life. If I had, I'd be better off than I am now. Better in physical health and better in financial wealth. I am however blessed to have two really smart and great children that I am overwhelmed with pride to know that they are mine. My kids are smart and intelligent, (there is a difference) kind-hearted and loving, peacemakers and forgiving. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it isn't just a dream that they are truly mine.
So what would I have done differently? I would have applied myself to being successful at learning from the success of others who have actually learned from their experiences which in turn would have saved me from the struggles that I have to deal with on a daily basis now. I would have learned to take better care of my body. I would have learned the value of following the rules. I would do better at applying myself to my studies in school and sought to enter into college at whatever the cost.
Now that I am here, I choose not to wallow in regret but to make a new start with this new found understanding. I can't get to the place I want to go without my putting forth the effort to get there. I really didn't have parents that were my friends that took an active role in guiding me. My single mother of 5 made sure my needs were met and took me to church. I had just been waited for God's plan to unveil. I now believe he has been waiting for me to decide on where I wanted to go so that he could assist me in prospering as I traveled towards those goals. Now as I look back, I have always succeeded in whatever I set my hand to but I never had a long term goal beyond becoming a father. I state these things (again I say not to wallow in regret) to maybe inspire someone that is young and could make use of this experience of mine. I didn't decide where I wanted to live so I am where I am, just because circumstances brought me here. I do the job I do because my circumstances brough me here. Sure I took steps along the way but as I said, I didn't really have long term goals. I was living moment to moment. For me, that is maybe what I wish I had done differently as well.
So I have vowed to take control of my weight and the health of my body which means the shape and tone of it. I vow to transform the blob that I am into a sculpted man. I will gain energy through activity and exercise. I vow to reclaim the things that I could have had sooner had I set my hand to those tasks. I know that this web-site and my past successes were gifts from God in spite of what I hadn't done. I am excited to see where we can go together working to become who I should have been striving to become all along. Of course with my past lifestyle I gained the skill of rolling with the flow of failures and overcoming obstacles but I could have done that on the way to a desired destination. So I want to meet my grandchildren. Not at an earlier age than my children should become parents but at their leisure and in accordance with their healthy timing. It would be great to see my grandchildren graduate college. It would be great to have them come visit me in my nice home where I have room for them to stay in my guest rooms. In a place where I have traveled to and fell in love with because it is such a nice place to live.
So I start now. I set a goal. I know what I want to do. I know the God who loves me and know He will be with me along the way to bring me success. As I take the steps. As I make the decisions. As I do what It takes to get there! I won't wake up one day and be at the place I want to be without doing what it takes to get there. I am willing to make the sacrifices. I am willing to do the work. What I don't know now, I know I can learn. I invite anyone to embark upon a similar journey.
The best day to get started is TODAY. It is called the present. God didn't make a mistake when the inspiration was giving to the person who chose the words used to describe the now that we experience. Today/2 Day is a day for the individual to live with God. So a day for an individual = 1 spent with God = 1 and mathematically 1+1=2 or a Two-Day. Then of course daytime is the portion of the day where there is light. When you walk through life with God, every day is a 2 Day. It is also why it is called the present, because each day with God is a GIFT. What you do with that gift which has been given to you is entirely up to you. You aren't required to use it well but if you don't, it is on you!
Choose not to see the obstacles but choose to find the way to get you where you want to go. Using a day to discover answer to your issue is a good use of time. Appreciate where you are and never regret your failures. Decide to learn from them because learning will help you to avoid them again in the future. Don't spend your time worrying if you don't believe in God because he believes in you. He accepts you just as you are and is waiting for you to set goals that will take you where you want to be. It makes things easier if you do because you begin to realize that even when you are by yourself, you are never alone. Even if it isn't where you want to be and even if that place is where you are now!
May all who read this be blessed and I hope you are inspired to act rather than just wait for your tomorrow to be different than your today! Because until you change your way of thinking, it won't be! So I wish you to be happy with all of your todays and that your tomorrows become what you wish for them to be!
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  • COLT2008
    emoticon for sharing, emoticon
    1933 days ago
    Same to you!..Thanks for sharing!
    1934 days ago
    I love to listen to my audio Bible when I exercise. It helps keep my focus on why I am doing this. To be healthy to Him. I find myself praying the scripture as I listen.
    1934 days ago
  • KA_JUN
    emoticon And so it begins, pursue your admirable goal! Your goal is one of the goals that motivates me most, being around to see our boys grow up.

    Go hard, those little ones depend on us! emoticon
    1934 days ago
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