Day 6 (corrected) Blog- What motivation or advice do you need?

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Hello Casual Travelers! Which much horror I just realized that I never did the blog for today so the movie will just have to wait a few minutes because this is SO much more important. So, motivation is clearly not my issue. Now let's talk about what kind of help I need.

I need help with:

emoticon Learning how to live alcohol-free- we're trying to not drink at ALL but I do admit to having some alcohol with dinner out last weekend and having some champagne at the opera a few weeks ago. Which is good. What is bad is how much I miss it. I liked getting a bit numb each evening as a reward for a day well lived and as a way to relax after being super busy all day. Plus, who am I kidding, the sex was more frequent. Not better, just more frequent. Direct correlation? Me thinks so. Any advice on this I will take!

emoticon Getting better sleep- Might be related to above, wink wink. Seriously though, we bought a new bed, one of those memory foam things and it's really comfortable except when my husband's in it with me! We stupidly downsized from king to queen. Word of advice- never do that. When he's out of town I sleep through the night, no 2am pee even! When he's here, I feel squished even though he tries to make enough room (bless him). This leads to anxiety in a big way and I end up having restless legs. I get stressed and my legs won't hold still. Please advise me oh wise ones on this.

emoticon Ok, let's talk about the scale. I love it. I hate it. I love to love it, you get the picture. I like weighing myself every morning because it motivates me to stay on course. I hate to weigh myself after a night out because it's always so cruel. This is a problem area for me. You all have given me lots of good advice on this and I think I just need to remember to keep perspective and use the three day average to smooth things out.

emoticon Recipes!!! Who's got some good dinner recipes? I hate looking for new recipes. Please give me your favorite dinner recipe. It's got to be low cal and relatively low carb (so no pasta, potatoes, rice, bread please). Gosh, if I could get a few more recipes, I could eat like this forever!

I like to end my blogs with a picture and there's one here, it's just in this link. This is MY blog about my favorite recipe. It comes from Dr. Mark Hyman's UltraMetabolism Cookbook and dang, is it yummy! And easy. At least go look at the pic...

And Jeez Louise!!! Anyone else get the Meth Mouth ad? Gross! Dear Spark, stop it.
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    Alcohol- just stay strong and (hopefully) that craving will get better over time. Good for you to be cutting it out.

    Bed- Hubby and I try a queen sized bed when we go to my sister's - and yep, we feel all squished together. LOL. Poor you!!

    I'll think about the recipe and get back to you on it.

    2707 days ago
    Great blog!

    Have a Freaky Friday and Wonderful Weekend emoticon
    2707 days ago
    I read a SP article about how alcohol is digested and what happens. It made a big impression on me that alcohol was NOT beneficial to my health. You're a very intelligent woman. Maybe doing some research would help click the switch to at least reducing what you consume because you do care about your health. Couldn't hurt, anyway.

    I've also read that substituting a new habit is more successful that trying to quit a beloved old habit. So can you substitute a different reward at the end of the hard, successful day? Probably not food....or at least be sure it's a healthy food. Time in the hot tub? A long, luxurious bath, candles, music, a "guest" joining you? That might facilitate the romance issue, too.

    I just refuse to weigh the day after a big night out. I KNOW what the scale will say & it's too dangerous for me to get depressed & go off the deep end. So I wait a couple of days & strive mightily for "Perfection" (both food & fitness) on those days to get back on track. I realize you have to weigh while on a Challenge. My life has changed since I quit weighing. My whole days were wrecked when I weighed every day!!!! It totally ran my life! I'm evaluating by how my clothes fit & how much better I feel when I eat correctly & work out hard & consistently. If I'm getting smaller & am feeding my body only healthy food , does it really matter what I weigh? It's a tough concept to accept...but I'm trying!!! I think weighing in is counter-productive to my goal. emoticon
    2707 days ago
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