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Thursday, March 07, 2013

My nephew Alex helped me make some of the dinner last night. He was so excited to help!

As promised I have some pictures from last nights dinner. I tried some new recipes and let me tell you, they were AMAZING!!! First and most important, lets get to the Garlic Cheese Cauliflower Bread... I had seen the recipe on pinterest and decided it was time to try something new so I went for it and I am so glad I did. I was expecting it to be ok, but what I pulled out of the oven was heavenly.

This cheesy goodness is only 1 WW point for a 12th of this. The crust is made from cauliflower and some cheese and garlic. It was amazing and it will become a staple in my diet. Tomorrow night I will going to my brothers house and we are making pizzas out of this crust. I can't wait!

I also made for the first time homemade spaghetti sauce. It was full of veggies and only 2 ww points for 1 cup. I grated zucchini, carrots, and onions. Mixed in a can of crushed tomatoes and a few other ingredients and it was really good. This sauce had so much flavor and it was chunky and filling. I have never had spaghetti squash so I decided to try it last night and I am glad I did, For 0 points, you can't beat it.

I couldn't believe how much it looked like spaghetti. So much so that my niece Abbie ate a bowl of it, and then saw me serving up some to my dad and saw it was squash, her face said it all. She said something along the lines of "Those weren't noodles!?" LOL! I wasn't even trying to trick her. But she loved it! And she told my mom "Connie needs to go on Chopped!" Haha that kid is crazy!

This bowl of spaghetti and piece of garlic bread is only a total of 4 ww points!! (I had two pieces of "bread")

I brought the girls at work some of the left overs and it was a big hit! I had a small portion of it for lunch and I was stuffed! I normally have to fight myself to not eat in the afternoon but after this lunch I did not have to even worry about it.

So far this week I have stuck to my 30 minutes of activity a day. I really didn't have any motivation today to go work out but I talked myself into it on my way home from work. I told myself if I did I could have a smoothie for a snack tonight. When I entered my neighborhood I had seen a few people walking and the sidewalks looked mostly melted from the snow storm so I decided to go on a walk. I walked for 30 mins, taking a different direction than the last time I walked. I ended up running into a hill which was perfect. It wasn't really a steep one or anything but once I go to the top I was really out of breath so I know I got something extra out of it. I came home and made dinner and a smoothie and it ended on a sad note :( I got my smoothie made, and I wanted to blend it just a little bit more so I hit the button on the blender again, and I got no response!!! I have no idea what happened but my blender broke. I have to get a new one asap. Smoothies are my favorite things to make. I am thinking about getting one of the little personal size ones. Maybe I can take it to work and have smoothies for a snack in the afternoon. We will see how much they cost.

When I got home from work tonight my mom asked me what I was up to, I told her I was going to go on a walk. I don't think she realizes how negative she is. Or maybe I take her comments the wrong way. But her response was wouldn't you get a better work out at the gym? I said maybe, but I'd rather be outside, and my goal is to get 30 minutes of activity in a day so walking would be sufficient. I also explained to her that it may not seem like a work out, but for me, it is a really good exercise and even though it's still really cold outside, I would come back sweating. She made another comment about a full body work out at the gym. I got a little frustrated with her. I always feel like her and a few other people don't support me. I don't know if they feel like I am just half assing it or what but I take things too personally when someone says something to me. It's hard to just let it not bother me. Another thing that has bothered me was last night when I was grating all of my veggies for my dinner, my dad just kept making comments like wow how much work do you have to put into this, how much longer until you actually get to eat it, and how much do all of those veggies cost? My sister did say something to stand up for me, about how she likes cooking and to her it isn't a lot of work. I didn't really say much but I just told them eating healthy takes time and might take more money than the bologna sandwich you had for dinner. Well tonight I made some Gorton's grilled tilapia in the oven. My mom saw it sitting on my plate and was like OMG look at that grease (It was juice from the fish and from it being frozen, its not greasy at all). That can't be good for you. I wanted to just be like shut the F up, she has no idea how to eat healthy. (This morning her breakfast was a salami sandwich, and I am not kidding) I don't know why I let these things bother me so much. I just don't feel like some of the people who are closest to me are supporting me. I know I have been off and on a diet for a few years now, but I am trying. The whole thing makes me want to shut down and not let them know I'm trying to get healthy. But I can't do that. If I shut down and shut people out, I'm going to fail. So I have to figure out how to let negative comments just go in one ear, and out the other. I know what I am doing is a good thing, and I will be successful. I just have to let myself do it.

Me after my walk tonight.

I know this blog is already rather long and kind of here and there but another thing I wanted to talk about was negative self talk is already starting to creep back in. This morning I realized that when I was looking in the mirror I was thinking about how unhappy I am with my body and what other people must think and so on... I've done such a good job sticking with WW my first week back, I just wish I could figure out how to change my thoughts and feelings. I guess those things will take time.
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    yay's connie is back !!! you are doing such a good job!! i hate that my iphone won't let me get on SP :( i am really trying to make an effort to get on here though! keep up the good work you're awesome
    1901 days ago
    It sounds like you are on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

    Yes, sometimes other people's comments have a negative tone. People automatically resist change but that is overcome by information. Rather than responding with hurt or anger just view the opportunity to pass on your new knowledge. Over time they may see the changes in your life for the good and begin to slowly incorporate the same lifestyle changes into their lives. Wouldn't that be wonderful for your whole family and friends take a healthy turn!

    The same principle applies to the internal self talk. Information and knowledge based on truth changes everything for the better. Keep Sparking and learning and you notice
    that the negative tone changed to self encouragement.

    1903 days ago
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