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Why should you listen to me?

Thursday, March 07, 2013

I've often gotten criticism in my time here, because I often offer advice, but do not lead a perfect life. My trackers are public, and all it takes is a glance to see I'm not exactly a vegan health food eater to know that I don't make perfect choices.

Why is that, exactly?

Well, I live life. I don't diet. I don't avoid things. If I want a treat, I get it! What I DO is strive for moderation. Candy isn't evil! As it happens, I don't care much for it, although around my menstrual period for some unfathomable reason I do tend to reach for it now and again. Which is weird, for me; any other time, I don't care for candy. I don't have a sweet tooth.

Now, I *will* grab a pack of ramen noodles if I'm between paychecks.

So that may lead to the question of why anyone should listen to what I have to say, or my advice at all?

Anyone who's here is probably here because I answered a question on the forums. I'm a very active message board poster.

Should you listen to me? I'm not a doctor. I'm not a personal trainer. I'm not a registered dietician.

Well, don't listen to me. Listen to what I have to say, research it and then decide for yourself if I'm right! When I tell you something, the odds are I learned it from someone way more awesome than me, who knows more than I do. It might be Becky Hand, or even Spark Coach Jen, or ArchimedesII, or any other number of great people. I probably did the research, looked into the whys and the hows, and figured out WHY something is.

Now, knowing is different than doing. I mean, think about it. We all know how to fish. You put a worm on a hook, put the hook on a fishing line, run the fishing line through a fishing pole, and put it in the water. Move it around. Bam, fish!

Except, it's not that easy. It takes time, effort, experience, and effort. I know that you need to exercise for heart health, and that weight loss comes from diet, not exercise. I know that strength training is critical for building lean muscle mass. I know that whole foods are better than prepackaged.

I'm not perfect. I know how to lose weight. I know how to do it without dieting! I've done it myself, and I've lost 26 pounds so far. I could have lost it faster, if I'd been more disciplined.

But I struggle the same as anyone else. I fight cravings, and imperfections. That's okay. :)

You don't have to listen to me. I'm not asking you to. But please, don't discount me because I am not perfect. None of us are! I have addictions, stresses, and life has been kicking me solidly in the backside lately. I have an alcoholic husband, an ADHD kid, I'm a workaholic, a hoarder, and I suffer from depression.

Forgive me my imperfections, and I'll always be your friend. :) I care about you... even if I don't know you, or anything about you, I care about you, and I want you to be healthy. I want you to lose weight, and keep it off, and I don't want you to hurt yourself in the process. I want you to smile when you look in the mirror, the same as I do, now, because I know how it hurts to look in the mirror and want to cry.

Am I there yet? Nope! But I will be. And I live. I love. I eat. I fall down. I pick myself up. I eat healthy, and I stop at McDonald's once in a while. I'm me. Take me or leave me, I'm here.

I'll share with you the SP article that changed my life, and informs every single decision I make now.

Stop dieting, and start living!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We all have our crosses to bear so don't feel alone. Keep up the good works and the good work and you'll not only do well, but the folks you help will too.
    1930 days ago
    Even if somebody disagrees or does not plan on taking your advice, at least they know your there to help and thats a nice thing. You never know when something you say can motivate someone. You never know if your the person who is there for someone, who has nobody else. You never know when someone can relate to your story. You might not be able to help everyone but few and far between, I'm sure there are people that were really inspired by you, even if they don't tell you! :)

    And good luck with your home, I have a family member who is a hoarder. Today in his apartment I found a new tv (right next to the nice tv he already has) that was brought in and is being used as a shelf for various plants, and im pretty sure its broken lol.

    emoticon Bye!
    1931 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    Why do I listen to you? Because you're awesome :)

    1932 days ago
    I respect your advice on the message boards AND I think you are an awesome sparkfriend emoticon Just remember - Haters gonna hate
    1932 days ago
    People come to this website for advice and especially the message boards. It's up to the poster to decide which advice/information they want to take. And if the original poster doesn't like some of the advice, who's to say that someone else won't benefit from it? This is the place to share advice and personal experiences!!!
    1932 days ago
  • CLARK971
    your posts are always informative. people are asking for advice and you are telling them what works. maybe some people don't want to hear that. you have facts. lots of times you have links to give even further information. you correct misinformation that others post.

    you are an inspiration! you have so much added stress in your life and yet you keep on moving forward and not giving up or making excuses.

    your baby steps are adding up to something big!
    1932 days ago
  • BILL60
    Very insightful. Thank you for sharing.
    1932 days ago
    To each their own. Do as I say, not as I do. Live and learn. Learning is an unending process. Did I miss any?

    The only way a person can change is by being open to change and giving it a try. But what change is 'correct'? All of them and none of them. Everyone's body and mind responds differently, and it is only by considering, trying, and doing that we can find what will work. You and I both like to offer suggestions, but nothing we do or say will make a difference to someone who has no interest in changing, learning, or even considering something new. Yet, even when a few people can't stand getting a suggestion for change instead of being told it's not their fault that change isn't occuring without effort, we still try. We care enough to try to help. Sorry but not sorry.

    No one can ever be perfect; and who would want to be? Perfection is failing to be normal! Does being normal mean we don't have a pretty good idea of what suggestions can work? Quite the opposite. If we can't live with it we can't achieve it. Continuing to push forward and try to do better will get us to a better place, even if it takes awhile. Change takes time or it tends to not stick. Hold your head high because you're still progressing!
    1933 days ago
    Because you are honest and entertaining!
    Thanks for sharing!
    1933 days ago
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