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Spare Tire....

Thursday, March 07, 2013

You have plagued me as long as I can remember. You cause all my clothes to fit wrong. You weigh me down and cause back pain. You curse me with PCOS and pre-diabetes. I've lost inches above you. I've lost inches below you. You have been saggy. You have been firmer but, you are ever faithful and you hold fast to me with your muffin-top-ness. Oh, spare tire how miserable you make me.


Warning: The following is a TMI body rant. Please read at your own risk. I am not liable for any therapy needed to deal with your being scarred for life from reading.


So, as I was looking in the mirror today, plotting on taking an update picture. My last picture that showed more than above my neck was 19 pounds ago. I sang the joys of my starting to shape up for a while until the newness of me noticing it wore off some. I thought a photo would be nice way to validate my progress.

As I fidgeted and fought with the webcam to find that magic spot where my body looked like something I wanted other people to see. I noticed on camera I am starting to get nice looking arms, my calves are looking killer, my thighs are starting to look like thighs, and I have butt cheeks! I can't say that one enough because...well, I was so fat I never had them until recently! Also, I've lost enough my wedding ring is now too big. Anyhow, all those places look better except my stomach. It looks exactly the same as my last photo in December. It's just stuck there!

I've lost inches above my nasty spare tire that has made my chest more noticeable (it's no longer looks like part of my belly but real womanly boobs). I've lost inches below because I had to buy the next size smaller underwear but, they fit just under my belly roll (yuck!). I have to wear them that way because the ones that fit the belly are baggy and creep down under my pants giving me what looks like adult diaper butt.

My pants are all bunchy in the crotch and the butt because there is extra room but, I can't go down a size unless I go extreme low rise and button them under the belly. I'm sorry but, I'd rather strap them on with a belt that be one of those women with my muffin-top outside my clothes. Nothing negative against those who rock that look but, my self respect is opposed to me exposing other people to my pasty pale belly blubber.

Anyhow, I think I've ranted enough about my belly. I'm sure I even succeeding in making anyone brave enough to read this graphic rant all the way through feel ill from horrific visuals.

I got in 10 minutes of 18 mph followed by 10 minutes of 15 mph on the bike this morning, did a 10 minute Spark kickbox cardio video after lunch, and I have my bootcamp plus one extra video picked out for strength training after dinner. Eating is barely 1300 calories for the day but, that's at least a few over minimum range. I really struggle to get enough calories in on days I eat vegetarian. But, I figured I'd boost the contents of my chickpea cutlets by added a couple tablespoons of milled flax and I might possibly fry them instead of bake them...odds are I'll bake them anyways.

Wellll.....off to be bored. All this being inside is making me fidgety. I'd go outside more but, I was out there yesterday and twice the muddy slop stole one of my mud boots and I had to hop around on one leg trying to get it un-stuck and back on so, I choose indoor boredom.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon I wasn't horrified to read your honest account - actually, I deal with the same issues of the spare tire/muffin top and I bet a lot of our members do too! You are just brave enought to put it all out there and I praise you for it. Kudos!
    Trust me, no one rocks that look you described. Noone. From what I have read the belly is the last to go, it is just so determined to hang on to all the fat - I guess all we can do is keep on being consistant and it will go away eventually.....have you seen that commercial on TV where the man with the spare tire belly is standing in front of the mirror and *poof* his belly disappears like a popped balloon. That is what I wish would happen. I don't even know what the commercial was about - LOL.
    Hang in there and keep working on it.
    Missourians Team
    1902 days ago
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