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emotional eating is VERY frustrating!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

emotional eating... AGAIN. this is one hurdle i can't seem to get over. yesterday was so very stressful, and so many different levels. some were bad, but others were actually good stressors, but by the end of the day, i probably had 3,000-4,000 calories. started off really good. i work at the hospital, and family members always bring in "goodies" to say thanks. (side note, funny, that is how i was brought up also, food was a reward, comforter, everything). anyway, it was one of those edible baskets (fruits made into a bouquet). i took a couple strawberries, and grapes. then, i started in on one chocolate covered strawberry, which lead into about 5... then the "all-or-nothing" girl came out in me, and i started in on snickers (funbites) then home to top it off with a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with miracle whip, since i was feeling so guilty.

and so today, i have done the next STUPID continuation of hardly eating anything. (which, i know is just as bad). i DID train today, for an hour, but still thinkin of yesterday, and trying to figure out how to combat the emotional eater i am. i am not trying to beat myself up too much, guess i am just tired of doing it, you know? i know it is wrong, and i know that i should do a different activity to get me away form the "goodies", but gosh, it is SO easy to say, not easy to do.

today is also very stressful as i know tomorrow will be, too. hopefully, since i recognize what i did yesterday and let it go, and concentrate on staying calm today and tomorrow, maybe then i can get over the hurdle.

just upsets me that i just was upset about milk duds the other day, and here i am again...
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    Sometimes, it's just hard to say no. I absolutely cannot have certain things (like chocolate) around me or I'll eat them so I understand where you're coming from. Just keep going with the small steps. Also, have healthy snacks that you like available. Something that works for me in the evenings is flossing and brushing my teeth when I'm finished eating for the night. emoticon
    1905 days ago
    Uggg...we've all been there....Hope there's less stress in your life tomorrow. I'm a emotional eater...If I'm stressed, happy, sad (fill in the blank)....it's so hard to control. Tomorrow is a new day....and YOU CAN DO IT! Take care! emoticon
    1905 days ago
  • RX_2_RV
    It sounds like you are making some strides in tackling this problem. Remember, Progress, not perfection! I also turn to food when I am stressed out. I suspect that it will always be a challenge for me, but I try to learn a little more and more every time I have an issue with it, so eventually, it will be more manageable and won't ruin all the hard work I have put into getting healthy and fit. Here are some of the things I do:

    In the face of a terrible craving, I try to ask myself if I am stressed out, why, and what I can do about it to make it better without resorting to food. It is definitely not easy. Sometimes I come up with answers I don't like...AT ALL! I have the hardest time doing something different when the emotional eating is about conflict. Sometimes, in order to get through it, I acknowledge whatever the emotion is, set it aside, and ask myself what I want more...the cookie or a healthy body I am happy with? Is it worth sabotaging myself because I am upset with whomever?

    Questions I would ask about the eating at work event:
    1) How were you feeling that day? Exhausted, angry, bored, deprived?
    2) How could you have dealt with that need in a non-food way? For example, if you were tired and hungry, are you taking your breaks and lunches on time or working past the time to meet the job's expectations?
    3) What can you do to minimize the chance that this happens again? Carry healthy snacks in your pocket? Tell yourself you can have it in 15 minutes if you still really want it...so you are making a conscience decision rather than an impulsive one? The 15 minute trick works for me sometimes. I can often talk myself out of a splurge in those 15 minutes...I drink water and think about it. Even if I go ahead and decide to eat the treat, I feel better about it, because I was in control of my decision.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, you are not alone. If you feel you are completely off track, go back to baby steps and set small goals. Keep tracking, keep bloging, keep working out, and chip away at the problem. Like the Spark quote says "A year from now, you will be glad you started today." Each day is a new start.

    BTW...all the things I said to you are things that I needed to hear too! Part of why I read and comment on other people's blogs is that it helps me stay focused, reminds me that I am not the only one who is having these struggles, and helps me learn new strategies to make this whole thing a little easier. We can get through this and succeed!

    1905 days ago
    I used to be an emotional eater. I used a tangible to help me focus. Mine was the stone that I'm wearing in my picture. (It was given to strengthen a weak Chakra.) Anyway, find something to wear that will remind you to NOT eat when emotional. Take a snack, that you have already measure out in a baggie, and eat that when emotional. When it's gone, you are done eating!

    Just some suggestions from someone that can relate! Hang in there! emoticon
    1905 days ago
  • LOVE2MY3
    It is so hard to be "good" all the time. But you can't beat yourself up over it! Instead of dwelling on the mistakes you made yesterday, focus on what you are doing right today. You worked out for an hour today! Great job! Just keep looking forward, and take it one day at a time. You can do it, I know you can!
    1905 days ago
    I have decided that when I want to emotional eat I'm going to take a cue from Grey's Anatomy and "dance it out". Sounds like more fun anyway. Good luck!
    1905 days ago
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