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Thursday, March 07, 2013

No, not *those* chips...LOL! The kind of chips you hear when someone is chipping away at all the little things in his/her way. That's me on my food plan right now.

I've been trying to keep away from the scales, but I knew this morning it would be down, and it was, a bit. G is on a juice fast and in a week has lost 20. But he has over 100 to go, and my goal was 35. He's already lost about 100. At times I am tempted to try the juice fast for a week, but I keep thinking my foods will be an issue. So many of the good juices are fresh kale, dark greens, and cruciferous veggies. That rules out thyroid. You also use a lot of fresh pineapple and the like. High glycemic. So for now I am just eating the foods I'd be juicing, plus a little (a very little) whole grain, like Wasa crackers. I'm trying to mostly focus on health.

I've seen people who lose weight the unhealthy way, and once you're over 40, it's not pretty. Skin sags, there's no glow, and it takes a toll on your body. People start looking like little stick figures. Their faces look hard. Sure, they can fit in junior size jeans, but at what price? They sure don't look like the models they are trying to emulate.

But when I see women (or men) who are going about it healthfully, their skin glowing, their energy soaring (without "fake energy" like high doses of caffeine and/or B vitamins), they always have really big smiles and they look amazing. I'm drawn to them, just like I am to even plus size people who have that healthful glow. It's not about the size; it's about the state of health and happiness.

So I'm sipping my half caff with soy espresso, nibbling on Wasa crackers with natural peanut butter, and looking forward to the fruits, veggies & beans that are coming with my day. G and I are visiting some friends today and they will be grilling out. I may bring a vegan burger...or not. I may make a huge salad. Probably. I've got a fresh salad dressing I am tempted to try. In 6 months we will be heading up north to see G's new grandchild. I know G will be quite smaller (he is so jazzed!) and I just want to be healthier. There will be many pictures taken; I don't want the old tired me in them, and neither does G.

2 1/2 pounds isn't much, but it's something. Something in the right direction. And my health is everything. I know I could have (and many say "should have") applied for disability over a year ago, but I don't want to give in. I worked too hard to get my Masters Degree, and I intend to use it. When my home health work petered out, I started losing stamina again. I need to get back into things. I need my energy back. Especially for this, I can't afford to eat junky any more.

Walking and using the rowing machine were always my favorite methods of exercising. I love them both. But now, with my leg (and my floating fibula), neither one is possible. Nor is biking. I'm kayaking, but dayum! that sun is getting me. I tried gentle stretches and yoga on my mat, but I still haven't gotten consistent with it. But for now, it's probably my best bet. I really am deconditioned. Just moving is exercise for me now.

Okay, speaking of moving, my day has begun. I've got things to do before G and I go visit the friends. Hello day!
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    You hit the nail on the head! The very next day someone sent me an e-mail about soy & thyroid and right after I quit whining, I crossed soy off my food list, too. emoticon

    There's a Food Allergy Diet my best friend did years ago, and she lost about 40 lbs by only eliminating 7 foods: corn, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, sugar and peanuts. That's all she did, give up those foods, and she felt tons better plus lost all her extra weight. She has thyroid problems too. I tried it, but didn't think I felt much better. I've been off those 7 foods now for 2 1/2 days and I have to admit, I do feel better. I had already pretty much eliminated 5 of them, but the soy and peanuts are my mainstay! Or, I should say, WERE my mainstay. My natural peanut butter on Wasa crackers this morning was cashew butter on rye Wasa crackers. The theory goes that these foods are the 7 most common food allergens, probably in part due to genetic modification, and to eliminate them can get rid of inflammation in the body and other issues. So far I just know I feel a bit better.

    I love the melting candle analogy. I've always said I gained weight like dipping a wick into candle wax: evenly all over. That hasn't been the case, though, since I turned 50. Suddenly, every ounce gained goes straight to my belly. Grrr. So the weight I regained over the holidays went straight there.

    I have a feeling your skin just needs time to firm up. What diet are you using?
    1865 days ago
    I've been losing weight slowly and in a healthy way, but I still feel like I look like the crypt keeper when I look in the mirror. Sometimes, I just stare at myself in the mirror for a minute and try to decide if I actually look better. I told my dh that it looks more like I am a melting candle, lol. My dh thinks I'm crazy, but I know what you mean about the glow too.

    You mention not eating cruciferous veggies because of thyroid, I noticed that you are using soy milk. I had heard that thyroid patients should be careful not to use too much soy in the past. Has that recommendation changed? I have thought about giving up dairy to reduce inflamation, but I was afraid to turn to soy products. I have already eliminated gluten and most grains and sugar.

    Thanks! emoticon
    1868 days ago
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