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eating clean- reflections and progress

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Welp, it's been almost 3 weeks since I started trying to eat clean.

I haven't lost any weight...but to that end, I also haven't gained any weight...and I am so much more enjoying the food that I eat! I'm hoping the lack of weight loss is due mostly to the fact that it's been miserable weather and i'm sick, so I haven't been working out much the past two weeks.

I've been really good about avoiding soda (in january I was downing 2-3 servings of diet coke a day), and I've moved from eating premade snack bars to eating my own granola bars. I've also been cooking in bulk, and then portioning a day or two worth of leftovers and freezing the rest. I've successfully roasted a whole chicken, made split pea soup from scratch, made refried beans in a slow-cooker, and made stuffed peppers from scratch.

In part to my newfound love of leftovers, I'm also making progress on my goal to eat less bread. I have moved from lite breads to 100% whole grain wheat tortillas, and I only have those on occassion. My lunches, once consistently sandwiches, now are typically homemade soup or salads. Finally, my taste for snacks is changing too. Fries are still tempting, and I still love sweets, but I find myself very excited to dig into a grapfruit that is sprinkled with a teaspoon or two of raw sugar (and trust me, i NEVER thought that would happen).

I'm not being a complete saint, though. This whole 'eat real foods' has led me to go a bit crazy in the cheese department. After years of only eating 'cheese flavored' products or low fat [and high sodium] cheese, the prospect of eating real, fresh cheese overwhelmed me. I'm pretty sure I went through 8oz of goat cheese in one day, for example. I've been a bit more successful in the past week, when i've only been sprinkling freshly crumbled blue cheese on my salads, but it's definitely a weak point for me. My other weak area is my sweet tooth. While i'm at home, I snack healthy, but I live too close to several bakeries, so the past month I've had weekly (at least) splurges of scratch-made cupcakes, brownies, or cookies. I realize that just because it only has 4 ingredients in it does not make a cookie healthy. But you know, this is all a slow process and I'm on a learning curve :)

A final point for now- I'm amazed at the difference this lifestyle has made in my budget. We cook at home several nights a week now, with real recipes, and I started buying partially organic, so my grocery bill jumped up $100 last month (for two people)...however, because my boyfriend and I now eat at home more and definitely avoid eating at fast food joints and most restaurants, I ended up spending $200 less last month in going out to I think so long I keep couponing and make sure to consume produce before it spoils, this will actually save me money...or so I hope!

Wish me luck, my goals for this month are to increase my workouts, and try better to cut out foods with no nutritional value (so long, cupcake!).... xo
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    I'm totally having goat cheese in my salad for lunch today :)

    I keep hearing about this broiled grapefruit, I will definitely try it and let you know how it goes, I'm OBSESSED with grapefruits now!
    1888 days ago
    I love my fries too, so hard to give up. And cheese, I hear ya on that one! Goat cheese is to die for! Try taking your grapefruit sprinkled with a bit of sugar and broiling it in the oven briefly, it's amazing, you'll love it. If you love sweets (which it sounds like you do), you will be super satisfied with it!

    Clean eating is tough, but it's amazing how much MORE food you can eat when it's healthy, clean food. It's a huge learning curve, I'm right there with you!

    I've added you as a spark friend. You are totally inspirational, 50 lbs down is amazing!
    1888 days ago
    I spend a little extra money on groceries than most people my age. But I am pretty sure it pays me back with more energy and happiness. Also, I think that though the food I buy nowadays costs more, I eat less of it, thus making it worth it.

    Great job on all your accomplishments! I browsed your profile and seeing that others are checking off their goals makes me want to do the same!
    1924 days ago
    It's funny you mention that, I went out tonight with some friends, and I picked a salad. I know in many places the salads are pretty calorie dense because of the stuff they are loaded with, but I figure eating more calories that include a lot of fresh veggies is better than eating little calories but it just being a dry piece of chicken on a processed bun :)
    1934 days ago
    Keep up the good work!
    I've also noticed that when I cook for myself, I make much better choices than when I am out to eat. Whenever I go out, I go ALL out. As if this is the last meal I'll ever have.

    I've been a bit better, lately. I've been trying to buy salads if I am forced to eat out for a regular lunch (not special occasion). I have actually learned to like some of the salads that I have discovered and I now know that a salad and a small piece of bread CAN actually fill me up.

    Good luck with this!
    1935 days ago
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