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S.M.A.R.T. Adjustments 4 All My Earthly Best

Thursday, March 07, 2013

March 7, 2013
Living up to my name! LOL
All of my life I tend to take on things with the attitude of doing it the best that I possibly can. Lately I've been reassessing my attitudes about a lot of things. I think somewhere I got lost. At least in some areas of my life.
I've been allowing so many other things, other people, other activities, just "other stuff" direct what I'm doing. I've just been pinging off whatever else is going on around me. Not that "that" is a bad thing really - it can be really good at times. But I think I need to rein myself in a bit and be more in charge of myself and what I am doing - first!
I need to REALLY do All My Earthly Best to improve ME! I need to go after SPECIFIC goals that improve things for me. I need to define MEASURABLE aspects of said goals. I need to know that this is ATTAINABLE for me! I must be REALISTIC! I must do All My Earthly Best to achieve these in a TIMELY manner!
As always in this life one must be adaptable ~ I've never given up; I just keep adapting to whatever situation comes up ~ but if I am to truly live up to the standard I've set for myself all my life then I must now make some S.M.A.R.T. Adjustments!!!

For a long time now I've been battling with negativity all around me. Some say that goes in hand with PTSD, just like Depression, or Anxiety, or a number of other "issues" in life. But that doesn't mean I should just accept it and live with it, does it?
I read something today...
"But you don’t have to know why you do it to stop being negative. All you have to do is to take a close look at what you are actually doing and decide to stop doing it for that moment."
The writer was talking about negative thoughts. This little bit just really popped out for me! I need to take a closer look at what I am doing and decide to stop the negative thought or action just for that moment. :) It's one more little bump in the road. It's one more little twist in the path. Catch it - stop it - let it have it's one tiny little moment and then put positive thoughts or actions in it's place and keep on going. :)

Then I watched a video ~ Coach Nicole was so encouraging!
But here's what stood out for me...

So now, I'm going to be SMARTer in doing ALL MY EARTHLY BEST to improve MY OWN LIFE, which by association will improve the lives of those near & dear to me in ways we have yet to comprehend!
Doing ALL MY EARTHLY BEST for me first is kinda like Mom putting the Oxygen mask on herself before she puts it on her baby! DUH! emoticon
(this is one of those "slap-my-head" "I could've had a V-8" sort of moments!!! LOL)
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