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Thursday, March 07, 2013

emoticon Hi there my darling sparksters!

Most of you know about the LORDY DAY come to your meetin' experience I had last Friday.

3/1/13 It's the day I call my "this is it...you LAST and final warning!" Get with your health girl..and GET with it NOW!

That's okay I needed that smack upside the head, or swift kick in the gut as it so happened.

I'm out of denial and into TOTAL REALITY now. I am NOT a super being, and I am NOT the one who spins the planet. emoticon Got it! emoticon Got it BIG! emoticon

I still have TOO many goals left on my earthly 'to do' list to fulfill my beautiful Josher's legacy and if I screw things up...he's gonna have a talkin' to do with me when I reach him on the other side. I don't like Josh's disapproval...just as he didn't like mine. We've ALWAYS been that way and will continue to be so forever more...whether he's here giving me that puffy little disappointed smirk in person...or in the heavenly ethers...I still can see it. emoticon emoticon

He's going to say first thing ..."MOM WHAT THE?" Why did you waste so much of your precious time and energy on material stuff when you KNOW NONE of that matters in the least?"

Why haven't you done more to get my films and books and screen rights out into the world where you know they will help others? WHY MOM...WHY?

I'll swallow hard and look down at my feet and stammer out some lame a** excuse..but by then I'll have no body and no earthly contact to get it done!

GOT IT! emoticon

So I'm focusing on learning every last thing I can about getting healthy. I'm focusing on today and today only. I'm walking away from the past and putting my destiny for the awesome future I have in the hands of our maker. That is God of course...and God of course is LOVE.

Part of my LOVE course is centered in Spark Land...this is the MOST awesome beautiful caring bunch of people I've ever been blessed to meet...SERIOUSLY...the BEST!

Soooo everything I learn about health you are going to learn too...whether you like it or not..hee..hee!

I'm ordering a shower filter to dechlorinate our shower water. Chlorine is HORRIBLE for us. The communities that we live in insist that the water be sterilized and of course we know it must be but there are many means of sterilization available...dumping chlorine into the water system just happens to be the cheapest. You can take the chlorine out by filtering and it's good advise to do so. No where do we absorb as much chlorine as fast as we do in our 10-15 minute showers.

They tell us the French are so healthy because they drink their red wine. They don't OFTEN tell us that they walk almost everywhere and their water system is NOT sterilized by chlorinate. Hummmm....just a little something to think about for today's health nugget wisdom.

Stay sparky my peeps...we are the BEST! emoticon emoticon

Viva my angel boy Josh...viva Josh FOREVA~
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    SO many things to think about for our health! You rock & roll! emoticon
    1852 days ago
    We have treated water as well so I fill a pitcher and let it breath in the refrigerator. Guess I will need to look for a good filter. Thanks for the info. HUGS and happy, healthy journey!
    1872 days ago
    Great blog, my dear friend. Keep kicking us in the butt at the same time you kick yourself and maybe, just maybe some day, we too will get back in high gear.

    Love you, kiddo!
    1872 days ago
  • DARLY55
    Great Blog! I'm glad you are on the right track. Nothing like a wake up call sometimes! Getting ourselves healthy affects so many people as much as it does ourselves. emoticon emoticon
    1872 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1872 days ago
    We don't live in the city so I don't have to worry about that. The only thing I have to worry about in my water is the sediment from the well water. Thankfully a couple of months ago we installed a sediment filter so I don't have to worry about that anymore. I do remember when we lived in the city how horribly chlorinated the water was. I know Josh would be proud of you for finally getting things together and taking control of your life and destiny. I hope you continue to get healthy and learn. I'm ready to hear about whatever you learn!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1873 days ago
    Yippee to you! I know Josh is proud of you for taking the bull by the horns and giving it a good shake. You keep that attitude and keep yourself as healthy as possible, all the while refusing to take any cr*p.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1873 days ago
    you can do it.
    1873 days ago
    You sound like you are on the rebound. I'm so glad to read that. You are so right about the French. Also, many of the towns are a bit smaller so one walks to the bread market, walks to the flower shop, walks to the meat market, walks to the vegetable stalls. They also do this more than once a week. Fresh, un-preserved food doesn't last as long but is so much better. My friend says the fridges there are small because they think saving 'leftovers' for days is "gross". They prepare daily. I wish where I lived was more of a walking town. The local shops keep closing and I'm forced to drive to strip malls, miles away. Bleech. Well, here's to wind beneath your wings, Bobbi. Be kind to yourself - we're all still learning, yea?
    1873 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    Love that "can do" attitude Bobbi! You upbeat blog are helping so many people.. keep it up. I am working today but plan to spend an hour on the treadmill or do a 4 mile run outside if it isn't raining. If you have a smartphone, check out the Nike Running app. It keeps track of your mileage and you can use it for walking or running. I love to see that mileage rack up!

    1873 days ago
    1873 days ago
    Great blog, Bobbie!
    Josh knows you are up to your eyebrows!!!!! emoticon You are a fighter and a winner......keep it up!!!!! emoticon

    And the chemicals....I think we all should do more to rid out daily lives of chemicals we don't need. I also filter my water and maybe doing without commercial deo could be another one of them?!?! Just thinkin'. emoticon

    emoticon emoticon

    1873 days ago
    I purify my water down here too -- it has the most absurd fragrance and it's more than chlorine. That's one of my favorite photos of your angel -- great motivation!
    1873 days ago
    I was just thinking of chemicals this morning and the last few days. The two main ones I use the most of and am concerned about -
    aluminum in deoderant and hair dye every
    two months as I lighten my hair. Yikes!
    Then I rationalize that we are bombarded
    by so many chemicals 24/7, that it really
    doesn't matter. Not good thinking, I
    know. Water is a big one, and I filter mine.
    Good start.
    1873 days ago
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