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Almost A Week

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Friday 3/1/13

Well – we didn’t pre-pack but maybe tomorrow…hmm, that could be song ‘tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll pack it tomorrow’ hmpf, never mind.

I was SORE today after yesterday’s hike. And my toes hurt. Even the hiking boots didn’t prevent the toes from hitting the end of the boot going downhill. At least the nails aren’t black this time. Nope...just double checked.

Today was my turn as one of the volunteers for Brainy Groveland. I sat with two girls and Ricky. All three have the routine down so it is a pleasure to work with them. But Ricky is a kick. He’s the one who asked me “Where’s that guy?” last time I was there. So today he asked who I was and I reminded him of our past visits. Of course, he still wanted to know where “that guy” was. I told him Dan was flying his airplane today. Ricky didn’t seem to understand at first but eventually he did.

This afternoon I FINALLY cleaned my bike. It comes up every month and I keep procrastinating. Tried to install the new seat post that Greg & Debbie gave me but it is too long. My bike has Columbus tubing which changes from a round cylinder shape to a four-sided cylinder shape. At first we were thinking it was just a smidge too big for the frame but our buddy Roger came by and pointed out the problem. The round post wouldn’t fit into a square hole. So Dan did some of his magic to make the old post work and I’m good to go. While we were out there working on bikes, I fixed Dan’s flat. He also put the new pedals on his bike. Too bad he can’t come with us on tomorrow’s ride but Bob is coming back for another visit. So Dan’ll be motorcycling.

Oh, the bike looks great! At least as good as it can for a 10 year old with close to 50,000 miles on it. Yup, 50,000.

Saturday, 3/2/13
Up early and over to Greg & Debbie’s to ride with them to Murphys. Met Gale at Laveroni Park. All of us and our bikes in the Triplett’s truck and we were off and running. Got to the park in Murphys and met the rest of the group for the first Mr. Frog’s Wild Ride training ride of 2013. Shelley has the bad cold that’s going around so she didn’t ride with us but had four folks who were there as substitute ride leaders.

I started out strong and felt good until we got to Red Hills Road. Had to get into my lowest gear to climb it and it didn’t look that bad. A few folks chose not to climb up Red Hills and just rode directly back to the start. The rest of us continued on and got to Parrots Ferry Rd. Some riders went left and back to the start while the rest of us (about ½) went right and down to the reservoir. From there, we turned around and climbed up the road we’d just come down. By the time I got to the last five miles, I was beat up. Could it be the Thursday hike that did it? I tried to get Greg and Loren to get in front of me so I could suck wheel but they didn’t want to leave me behind so they wouldn’t pass me. Damn it! Anyway I finally made it back and there was no place to park my bike and rest. So, I just laid the bike down on the asphalt and sat. Ate my apple which helped. The four of us stopped at a little store. I got a Gatorade and a PayDay. The candy bar helped me feel better too. I drank about a quarter of the drink and brought the rest home.

I’m thinking the reasons I had trouble on the ride are:
1. I didn’t eat the right foods before and during the ride
2. I didn’t bring enough water.
3. I didn’t bring electrolytes.
4. I was sore from Thursday’s hike.
5. I hadn’t ridden the bike in over a week.

Learn something from this, Cycling Diva!

When I got home, I unloaded the bike, rack and cycling stuff. Went into the house and made a turkey sandwich. Took a shower. Took a nap.

Oh, Bob didn’t make it up here. He was involved in an accident yesterday.

PMLAA has their monthly meeting in the evening. Thankfully, I made my pot luck contribution the day before. The meeting was fun. I am much more comfortable now that I know many of the other attendees. Brigadier General Robert Cardenas was our speaker. What a story he had to tell! He will celebrate his 93rd birthday next week. He was born in Mexico and moved to San Diego when he was five. He became interested in flying at an early age. He entered the military after a couple years of college. He learned to fly lots of different planes and taught a lot of others how to fly. He also was involved in the fighting that took place in Europe and was shot down and escaped. His plane went down in Germany. He was right by a lake so decided to swim across to Switzerland not realizing how cold and how far it was. Good luck for him, someone from Switzerland saw him and rowed out in a boat and rescued him just as he was about to drown. He worked with Bob Hoover and Chuck Yeager as well as others from that era.

Sunday, 3/3/13

Relaxed morning. Made it over to Boyz Club. General Cardenas came over too so we got to hear more of what he’d done and about his family. He had seven children. Three boys; four girls. His oldest son had the goal of becoming President but he got killed when the terrain following equipment in his airplane didn’t work and he flew into a mountain. Sad.

Came home and packed for a short trip to Fremont. Stopped at Cross Country Café for breakfast. Saw five of our neighbors while we were there – not counting the owners and staff.

As we got into Fremont, we stopped to see Bob S. He has no memory of the accident, lots of abrasions and some deep cuts on his hands. The motorcycle is severely damaged. Glad his injuries were so (relatively) minor.

Spent the afternoon with my daughters. It was a pleasure to be with them. Jessica brought out a box of pictures and papers that her step-mother had given her. A lot of pictures of the house Dave, his parents, and I had built out in El Dorado Hills. Some pics were of the trip Dave and Jennifer took across the US. Pictures of people none of us know. A few photos of the girls when they were little and when they were teenagers.

After a good Chinese dinner at Jade Palace, we went to Dan’s parent’s house for a visit and a place to spend the night.

Monday, 3/4/13

After a not-great-night’s rest, we got up and ready for the day. Went to a WW ‘store’ and stepped on the scale. No loss/no gain. Not happy with that result as I’d been so good last week (except for last night’s dinner).

Stopped in to see Rafael and have breakfast. Got internet access so read emails, etc. Found out Julia’s been trying to reach us. She’s not feeling well so we are uninvited to her place. Decided just to head on home after our Purpose-for-the-Visit.

Purpose-for-the-visit to Fremont: see our tax preparer. She has all she needs except for the paperwork on the short sale of our house. OK for me to scan and send to her so that’s on the “to do” list.

Headed for home but Dan wanted to stop at the Hickory Pit in Livermore. He’d been hankerin’ for some ribs and their coleslaw. The ribs were not as good as he remembered but the coleslaw dressing was still yummy. I had a huge, delicious salad. Got home mid-afternoon which was nice.

Tuesday, 3/5/13

Started the morning with a visit to Don & Kathy’s for coffee/tea. Mike L. came over too. Great conversation. Great people.

This day was filled with choir activities. Met Sandra at the bank to add me to the signature list since I’m now secretary. Then off we went to the Board Meeting. That was followed by the practice. There are several songs that are new to me (and many of the others), that will require some hard work!

Dan decided to cook and invite Don, Kathy, Mike and Norma over for dinner. Delicious meal (as usual). I’m so lucky to have a man who loves to cook!

Wednesday, 3/6/13

Rain, rain, rain today. No one is complaining as we need the water. Stayed inside and did piddly stuff. Did get the minutes from yesterday’s meeting cleaned up and sent out to the Board. Also agreed to the property damage settlement for the car with the insurance company. Still waiting to hear about the ‘damage waiver’ cost – will they cover it or not. Also, will need to talk to someone about the bodily injury portion of the claim. Sigh, more stress.
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    I'm glad you blog so I can keep up with what you are up to!! You always have so much going on!
    Good job on sticking with the hiking, biking, and WW!
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