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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Ok not really a blog but looking for feed back on my essay that I have to turn in tomorrow morning for my English class. So I am putting myself out there and hoping to get something back: (seeing as it has to do with competition though it could be fitting)

What’s Your Drive?

There’s a competitive instinct that compels certain personalities to go to extreme measures to create an edge over their competition. On an academic level that personality strives to study at all hours of the day. If the results are unfavorable, they may turn to different enhancers to boost their brain function. For the sports arena that personality will spend hours training. If the results are not adequate, enhancements can be taken to improve the endurance, strength, or agility that’s sought out to obtain that edge. Either case the drive to succeed blinds them to the dangerous side effects that these enhancements cause to their body, mind, and soul.

Athletically there are numerous enhancements; just to name a few, steroids, blood doping, and testosterone injections. All of which will give you the short term endurance, strength, and/or agility to achieve greatness, but with a wide array of long term issues. Academically a non ADHD personality may turn to medications that normally would be prescribed to an ADHD personality. The affects the medications have on a non ADHD person will vary from that of an ADHD person. A non ADHD person may find the drugs give them more clarity to focus and a bit of hypertension as well, where that same drug brings an ADHD person to an even level playing field with the rest of their peers.

In either instance that individual finds great accomplishments in what they are wishing to achieve, unaware of the changes happening in their body. Taking medication meant for an ADHD individual, the non ADHD individual may find that just to function they will have to keep medicating themselves. Or they may have to increase the dosage in order to get the same effect as when they first ingested the drug. Athletes taking enhancements find issues with acne, an increase in blood pressure, their good and bad cholesterol goes in opposite directions the bad way. Both instances will find changes in their mood. But even with these small changes that something’s not right, they will continue to use.

Later down the road athletic users will start to feel the long term effects that they may have to deal with for the rest of their lives; anywhere from psychiatric disorders to liver dysfunctions, loss of hair to hormonal imbalances. These effects can be equal to both men and women. Some effects will only take place in a woman or a man and will depend on the length of their exposure. Women can experience increased hair growth and a deeper voice; men may experience infertility with a lower sperm count and a higher voice.

Two recent enhancement scandals stemming from the sports arena: Lance Armstrong a cyclist, who rode for the US Postal Service, and Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers. Two very different cases though, Lances being one of denial and then a confusion years after the fact, and Ryan Braun due to a technicality is cleared from his positive testing. Ryan will continue to play but a cloud of doubt will forever be over his head on any accomplishments he achieves and Lance’s betrayal has left a stain on what was a promised career. With the media all over these charges and the down fall of these athletes, and many more before these two, one would presume that the message would get out and the usage would stop. But with new and upcoming enhancements evading the tests of today, usage will continue. As long as there is a line of competitive personalities willing to take the risk, these enhancements will always be a part of life.

The competitiveness some individuals have can’t be tamed; part of the blame is us as a nation. We are raised to look up to those who excel at their sport either physical or mental. The highly idolized personalities need to be held accountable for their actions for when they are found to have cheated the system. Currently the accountability a person is held to is, the shame of cheating and possibly having their accomplishments stripped away, which doesn’t seem to be enough if the usage still continues on.

At a young age our children need to learn to accept the fact that they may not be the greatest at what they are doing, build up their confidence of what they can achieve and what they have achieved. That with practice you can become better but there will be a point where you can’t go any further. It doesn’t mean stop trying, but you shouldn’t turn to a quick fix either. The thought that one should compete against themselves and not others needs to be taught.

Our failing heroes need to take a stand, be honest and truthful of what they have been doing or were doing. Give us an explanation of why, was it worth it, what are their plans to correct their betrayal of so many followers. The clean players need better PR’s to get their message out there, that being average is just as good if not better; that to accept defeat as a benchmark to make yourself better. Showing that competing against yourself is the best competition you should have and not care or measure yourself up to others around you.

Competitiveness will always be there, it’s an animal instinct in all humans. There will always be personalities out there that will strive to get that edge above their competitors at any cost. We shouldn’t become a nation of everyone is a winner, but a nation of accepting who you are and what talents that have been given to you and to excel within yourself.

Thanks for reading ;)
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    Thanks, after I posted it, I changed it even more lol :) I was making changes till about 15 minutes before the class started. Should be good though, it's not so much about the content of the essay as in how it's structured, grammar, and spelling.

    Thanks much though for the comment and stopping by and reading it. I will be posting on Tuesday when we get the essays back how my grade is.
    1900 days ago
    Ugh! Tough subject especially with then headlines on our sports heroes. It is true that our children are being bombarded with having to be the best or your nothing. Sports is one and Hollywood then the media.

    I wish I could help you with your essay, it is interesting but tough subject right now. Best of luck!!
    1901 days ago
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