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Catching up on February

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Seems like I've been doing this a lot lately -- sliding a day behind here, a week behind there. Here it is nearly a full week into March and all I managed to do was LOOK at my February goals and briefly ponder their completion, or more appropriately, lack of completion. (However, as I'll explain, I actually don't feel bad about that and feel good already about things I'm doing in my life.)

Here's the summary:

== February goals ==
1) Weight at or below 165 consistently.
emoticon -- I will crack the "barrier", but it is not and never has been the real focus. What I discovered in February were some insecurities about how I'll look at a lower weigh and a comfort in being the weight I was most in my 20s.

It was funny and interesting to realize that when I say I wasn't obese until I chose to overeat to become invisible, that does not mean I was a healthy person at an ideal weight. I went from stick scrawny at 12 to busty at 13 and, with my height, can get away with some extra curves. In addition, clothing styles were religiously modest, long skirts, loose covering shirts, mostly bought at thrift stores. I hated them, didn't have a clue what size, and didn't pay much attention to my body under them other than to know I wasn't "fat".

Long story short, I'm less concerned now with the scale number and more concerned with where and how I see the extra fatty tissue on my body. I want to see that start to visibly shrink. That is where I'm going to be focusing. I'll still keep this goal because in the realm of 3-month + changes to my body, the scale will also adjust naturally.

2) Automatic savings transfer set up.
emoticon This did not happen, but with the short month I wasn't going to rush to set aside money I didn't have. (Maybe if savings account interest rates were worth anything ...) I am, however, manually moving over some money once I calculate how much I can do. I have other automatic payments and have to be careful not to trip myself. Overdraft fees can KILL finances a heck of a lot faster than not earning 0.85% (or about $0.03 a month on $50.)

3) 30+ minutes writing streak
emoticon emoticon I was doing great on this, whizzing along. Then crash, clatter, boom. I wish I could blame the hospital stay, but the truth is I was struggling in the week before with it. Completely crashed one night missing it and never caught up fully.

The biggest problem I've had is that I set my time to do it in the late late evening. Which means I'm usually doing it just about the time I'm physically and mentally shutting down to sleep. I end up drifting and pretty soon have no new words, but a long line of ++++ across the page where one finger pressed more.

I need to reconsider this one and schedule a more workable time. I'm actually thinking of an hour or two on the weekend. I thought about carrying my laptop, but I carry too much already and don't ride any one bus or light rail long enough to get into the story, write, then pack up and make sure I get off at my stop with everything. To be determined.

4) 6+ hours sleep as much as possible
emoticon Hmmmm, this goal was just a little too loosely stated (how much is "as much as possible"?), but I think I did generally keep this in mind. Of all things, the one goal I did best on was the trouble one of sleep. I did track it up to a point, then the hospital stay threw a real wrench in there. I actually had a whole week and a half after that during which I fell behind on keeping up with any of my "Other Goals" page.

It is still an ongoing goal to improve my sleep. I'm trying to keep 6 as a bare minimum and get more whenever possible. I do call this one emoticon in one regard. I made this goal because I was seriously wiping myself out mentally and physically with a few nights of minimal sleep (less than 5 hours), which usually leads to poor habits elsewhere. This month's habit flops weren't sleep-deprivation related, at least.

I know it's not quite Spring yet, but this is a look at where I am and expect to be in two weeks. Yeah ... emoticon ... only 2 weeks until the official start of spring.

== by Spring goals ==
1) Novel first draft completed
emoticon Gonna have to crank on this.

2) Correct my work productivity
emoticon Yeah, one part of that is ... not posting while at work. (It's lunch now, though.) However, I have started to work with a task listing, have caught up on two major projects and am now tackling the ugly elephant in the living room. By that I mean a huge project that everyone wants done and kept current but refuses to give any priority to and grouses if time is spent on it. I feel a lot better about where I am than I did in December.

3) Get comfortable with lunges
emoticon Wow ... no lunge or squat emoticons? Anyway, I've been doing these occasionally. Actually felt I was doing okay Tuesday up until a point when a knee and hamstring decided enough was enough. Comfortable might be a stretch to accomplish in a few weeks, and I'll never like them, but I'm doing them.

4) Personal training
emoticon No money emoticon either. Finances dictated this won't happen until the health thing is done. I have the hospital copay, but then there's the followup work too just to be sure everything is good. (Cholesterol, for example) I'm also doing rather well incorporating different exercises and my four-day split.

5) Taxes filed - DONE
emoticon I do need to print the vouchers and send the payments, but between Fed and State it is less than $50, so not an issue.

6) Hit my weight goal and in maintenance
emoticon Okay, so I knew when I made it that it was possible I wouldn't get there and it's pretty clear that won't happen in two weeks. Again, weight isn't really as important to me.


Sounds like I really didn't get far in February, but the truth is I feel like I made more progress inside than outside (lots of head stuff, less body stuff) and don't feel like I blew it. The heart thing did come up and was thankfully nothing serious. (I still have rare episodes I notice, but nothing quite like that. I've been taking my aspirin with my multi-vit and fish oil daily. The only other quirk is what it does to my HR monitor readings.)

Some other things have changed. A really really big one is my involvement with the game WOW. Before I moved in August of 2011, I was majorly stressed. I would come home from work and bury myself in-game. I logged 40 hours many weeks of gaming (including weekends when I could play almost all day.) I was also rather active on the forums and assisting other players where I could.

These days? The last time I logged in, I looked to see who else was on, checked my character's mail, and logged back off. I looked at my play-time reports and discovered less than an hour playing in a month. It has been months (a year?) since I even tried to be active on the forum and keep up with the news. The time had come. I cancelled my subscription and sent a notice related to my forum account (it had a special flag because I used to help a lot). My paid time runs out 11 March and I'm not even feeling particularly concerned.


Lunch is over, so I'm going to end here and think about what my March goals will be as well as what I want to do by Summer. Until later, SPARK on SPARKLERS (and OUTLAWS!)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It doesn't matter if you hit your goals yours, you set them and you worked at them. No one is perfect, you stumble and you get back up. You keep getting back up. That's what is important, way to go.
    1930 days ago
    I wanted to comment on savings. Over the years, I've set up weekly transfers from my regular bank checking account into an online account at ING Direct. I've set up little "sub-accounts" (music lessons for The Girl, travel expenses for her, college books accounts for each kid, whatever). Depending on what was going on with us financially, I've diverted 60 -100/ week into this account (which is why I started working at J#2). You can start with $10 or $20, or whatever is comfortable for you. Every little bit helps. The account grows quickly. Just a thought.
    1931 days ago
    i think we all deal with the scale issue what number it stops on as long as it stays in the 160 range. glad you have your tax headache solved sorry you have to pay Uncle Sam. will that effect your birthday event? a good sleep is a good goal to work on they say it helps with weight lose emoticon
    1931 days ago
  • KARL1266
    Well done. Like you said, more mental things than physical. But even those need to be dealt with. It seems the gaming thing struck a chord with some responders. I, too, am an avid gamer. Not so much the WOW thing, but I used to play a game called Evony and played that for hours at a time. I gave that up, came back and now just use it mainly to keep tabs on some dear friends I've made (and even met).

    50 bucks between State and Fed? That's about right from what I hear. Mine kinda got screwed up this year. I owe about 180 to fed but still getting a refund from State. Just not enough to cover the Fed. I already changed my Federal withholding to cover that for next year.

    Good luck with your 2-week plan and here's to a successful and prosperous Spring!
    1931 days ago
    Not to tempt you family hubby,son and daughter all play a Star Trek free game now instead of WOW. I'm not a gamer so don't know how they found it but it keeps them amused.

    It's great to keep track of how you are going with your plan and also to have other people read between the lines as sometimes we are not easy on ourselves.

    It looks like you did great in Feb, hope something turns up for you, re the hospital bill.

    We are struggling at the moment too. It really is hard.

    1931 days ago

    I think you are continuing to make progress...and in powerful ways. emoticon
    1931 days ago
    I think your mindset is in the right place and you will achieve the goals you want to when the time is absolutely right for you and your life!
    1931 days ago
    Gaming is really a big time waster for sure. I was HOOKED for a long time and when I finally made the break I have never regretted it. Let's just say that my life now feels more balanced.

    1931 days ago
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