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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Sorry, ladies, I just need to vent. I am, after having had waaaay too much pizza the last two nights in a row, scrutinizing what I've been eating lately, and it has gotten really junky the last few days/week...needs to get nipped in the bud. I've been feeling like total crap all this week (like Sunday I was sure I was coming down with a cold, but it was probably just the lack of sleep from Saturday night, since I'm not actually sick by now). Eating crap food is not going to help, either...today I feel vaguely hungover (does anyone else have "carb hangovers" when they go overboard? It's the weirdest feeling, but that's the best I can describe it).

Anyhoo. I'm struggling with stress eating (house hunting is crazy stressful...who knew?!)...which my brain translates as "need cheesy carbs now...drooooool". That, plus a distinct lack of preparation this last weekend (no batch cooking), is further stressing me out. Work is being charmingly needy, too. Vicious circle.

So here's my immediate recovery plan. I have a healthy lunch with me today (the last of the beans & rice that we froze last week...yum!). Tonight for dinner, I'm making salad with spinach, pine nuts, olives, prosciutto, & oil/vinegar dressing. I'm also cutting up every last carrot I can find in my fridge to make carrot sticks (a 2-lb. bag exploded last week...there's carrots rolling around everywhere). And I'm cooking a couple chicken breasts to have along with the salad. That way I'll have leftovers, and can have basically the same dinner on Thursday (which is another late night for us, so no cooking = win).

I'm also laying waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off the carbs and processed foods. Simple carbs (bread, candy, etc.) are right out, as are any pre-made foods that I don't like the ingredient list on. (There's some TJ meals in my freezer that I'm iffy on...need to look at labels). Complex carbs like root veggies are peachy keen. I have no beef with fruit, either. I'm ambivalent about rice/potatoes...we don't usually eat a whole lot of either, and I don't see that changing. I'm going to stock up on frozen veggies, too. Much as I prefer to have freshly chopped/cooked veggies, frozen veggies are better than no veggies at all. And right now, I have not been in a place where I have time/energy to chop veggies every night.

I'm also scheduling 3 hours for batch cooking this weekend. (We are going out to look at houses again, but somewhere I bet I can squeeze in a few hours of cookery). I have some lamb shanks that need braising, I want to roast a bunch of sausages and chicken legs (spanish-style), and I need to come up with a soup or something else that I can easily reheat for dinners. Dinners are the downfall, it seems...we're really good about having awesome breakfasts, good healthy lunches (yay batch-cooked leftovers!), and then failing miserably at dinner. So having something easy to heat up is going to be key.

OK. I'm feeling better. I have a plan. I have a yoga class tomorrow. I'm still stressed, but this is a much better approach than screaming chaos.

And to focus on the good things...

--I have been hitting the gym with religious regularity lately...so that's awesome. I even talked John into joining me for a bodypump class every tuesday, and we've now been twice.

--I'm upping my weights in bodpump for squats, chest, & biceps.

--I did a 3-week check in on my current 9-week challenge and had overall good progress:
...my heart rate after walking a mile was 141 instead of 150 (where it was when I took my baseline when I started).
...I have lost 1.8 inches overall
...I can reach 2 inches farther (good ol' sit-and-reach test) than I could when I started.
...I doubled the number of pushups I can do in a minute (they're still modified/knee pushups, but I'll take it!)
...and I lost 1.5 pounds overall
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    I love the way you're measuring your progress, and congrats that you're making some headway!
    2818 days ago
    wow, awesome job on those measurements! I especially like the non-weight ones. You can make some batch crockpot meals (freeze them in ziplock bags, then throw them in the crockpot... viola!).
    2820 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2146211
    Yay blog!!! I really need to do those adult fitness tests! Way to go on the improvements; you're doing awesome! I totally agree with everything you said at the beginning of this blog, which is why I am doing what I'm doing with food. I feel so much better. Those carb hangovers BLOW! I definitely agree that preparation is key. This morning I overslept and, to avoid being late for work, I decided to grab some food to go and skip breakfast. Well we were super busy so I didn't eat anything until 9am (I was up at 5:20). Then I ate one hard boiled egg and a banana/oat thingy (roughly 150 cals total). Then forgot to eat the rest. Now I have a raging headache even though I've eaten lunch. Not enough to break me though!

    I think crockpot meals are the way to go for nights you're getting in late. I set mine to cook for however long (usually regular cook time minus an hour or two) then keep warm. I'll prep stuff the night before since that only takes 10 min and requires way less cleanup than making a full meal. Toss it together in the morning and go. Oh planning...how I wish you were easier.
    2820 days ago
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