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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Today I am coming face to face with the fact that I do denial so well that is is true , I Don't Even Know I Am Lying, to myself.

It is humbling to say the least. The fact that I can do so many things well and not succeed at keeping my body, the temple which I was gifted, thin and healthy. I am ashamed and guilty today to admit I have failed myself.

I stopped journaling but I need to resume it though it seems like just another chore at this point in my busy day but I need to come to terms of how I am using food.

Unless I get to the bottom of all those reasons it seems all for nothing.

The only thing I feel Spark Site Does not Address is the Emotional Components of Eating.

Maybe its here and I am missing something. I recognize changing the eating habits to healthy ones and exercise into a habit but how does one change a life long way of thinking and using food.

When you get older and the metabolism slows down, not as active don't have as many new dreams, experiences, love and more in your life what does one do? I seem to be ranting but I am so sick of working hard to loose significant amount of weight and then sabotaging myself with my thinking and putting it back on again.

I welcome any suggestions to stop the roller coaster since I try so much but it does not seem to stick permanently is there a magic button that makes for a while turn into for the rest of your life?

Love and Gratitude to my Spark Family
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    I loved the Hunger Fix (Dr. Peake) suggestion to look at "xxxxx" and say, "It's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie!" It worked for me! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2550 days ago
    I came across one of Dean Anderson's articles, and wanted to share a link to his articles. I think he addresses the emotional components of eating more than any other writer on SP.

    2565 days ago
    I've found the emotional aspects of eating addressed more through my social interaction on SP than on SP itself. Something that helped me last year was a mental toughness course at But I have not conquered, a work in progress that I suspect will last a lifetime.

    Truth is absolutely essential as a starting point. If I'm not honest with myself, my whole effort is in vain.

    Best wishes on your journey.
    2565 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11359701
    The one person I know who writes lots about emotional eating is Geneen Roth. Books, retreats, blogs, you name it. Maybe something she has will resonate!
    2567 days ago
    I have not found the emotional eaters group i will keep looking :)
    i hope you have better results with your emotional eating :)
    keep on trying
    2573 days ago
    I'm an emotional eater and I agree, there's not a lot of places that address this. As a little twist on that, I take a great deal of pleasure in eating and I tied my happiness to food for a long time. The Anti-Jared posted something about how an event should be fun because of the people that are there, the things you do, the experience itself, not because of what food is served. I think that's the right attitude to have, but one I still struggle with sometimes.

    Best of luck to you with this!
    2573 days ago
    I am thinking that there has to be more definitive help out there for emotional eating I do it all the time and would love to have the how to stop book to read I think i will ask the dietition when i get in to see her/him if there is any known tips or tricks.
    2576 days ago
    Yvonne; Thanks for visiting my page, and commenting on my blog. This week I have started reading "Made to Crave" which deals with these issues for me. I am part of an online study through facebook that is starting March 26 if you are interested.

    2580 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11398088
    Yes, I agree, emotional eating especially is not something that can be replaced with "doing something else". At least that's not what I have found. I have to get to the bottom of the emotion and solve it rather than stuff it down with food or I will never get thin again. World world go away and bring back only good things LOL
    2580 days ago
  • JILL313
    Hi Yolanda, Others have given you good suggestions. Have you gone on the website I find it helpful to read the articles there and reading about life issues and how better to deal with them. I feel very similar to you in asking myself what have I done to my once healthy body? Not moving much and sitting at a desk all day sure didn't help but the worse thing I did was eat way too much and really didn't seem to care at that time I had increased my weight to the point where I was morbidly obese. I know personally how hard it can be to focus always on eating healthy and moving more when life itself is so challenging. Praying for us both to have the strength to continue moving forward and coming to terms with what makes us overeat. Take care my friend.


    Jill emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2582 days ago
    There are articles and the emotional eaters team - there are also PEOPLE on all of the teams I am on that will talk with you share with you things regarding the emotional issues related to weight and weight loss. All you have to do is ask and others will come out of the woodwork to help you.
    2582 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11359701
    There is an Emotional Eaters SparkTeam. There are more than a third of a million members on the team, so you're definitely not alone!

    I also don't believe that we have to have any fewer loves, dreams, experiences, etc. in our lives as we did when we were younger. The one thing that seems to stop us is that we have the "benefit" of the experience when we failed, so that we're more scared to step out than when we were younger and "more naive". Today is a new day, and maybe the lessons from the past should be more about what we've learned about ourselves, not what we've learned about what's 'out there'. What would you do if the world really _were_ a benevolent place? What if you had nothing to lose? What if you toss those fears to the wind and tell your body you're going to have fun, and you're not going to wait for your body to be a certain way before you do!
    2582 days ago
    if you do a sparks web search to get spark points ... search that... emotional aspects of eating, I know there are blogs out there where people are working through very similar stuff and how they are working on those issues. About every 3-4 months I go through another layer of the onion and have to address another tangent of emotional healing that will enable me to keep me on the track of losing ...

    sometimes we need to do a little work by ourselves on ourselves in order to find exactly what speaks to us, find some time once a week to journal (ask yourself questions... then search online for help with the answers).
    2583 days ago
    What if you could make one small positive change today that you will do for the rest of your life? Non-negotiable. No do-overs.

    And what if you continued to add other small changes every few weeks, when you felt ready for them? And made them permanent too?

    There is no glamour there.

    No one will put you on TV.

    Woman's World will not feature you on their cover.

    But a year from now you wil be thinner and healthier than you are today.

    And five years from now? Maybe you'll you write about your method and help others achieve the same success!

    Some possibilities:

    "From today forward, I will not eat when I am angry. I will _____ instead."

    "From today forward, I will no longer eat donuts. Ever. I am declaring myself "allergic" to donuts."

    "From today forward I will write 3 positive thoughts about myself every single day, even if it's bedtime and I forgot and I have to write the positive thoughts in the air with my finger."

    Just sayin'...
    2583 days ago
    I wish there were a button...let me know if you find one. I think digging deep down inside, and knowing you are doing this for your body's well-being helps. Knowing that it isn't going to be an overnight visual change, but that it's going to take sometime. Knowing that there will be many bumps in the road--and those bumps are okay---helps too. It sucks some days, but most days will be good. These things have helped me with my eating right. I am still working on the steady exercise, but I'll get there--and so will you! emoticon emoticon
    2583 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13564730
    Well said!! I feel like I'm reading my story....But, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep moving on!! sometimes, just doing something kind for someone else will pick up your spirits.....Hit the pavement, or Mall....Smile at everyone you see...Buy yourself a new magazine or hand cream....Love yourself enough to TREAT YOURSELF special with things other than food!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    2583 days ago
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