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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

It was a sunny challenge last week to create a workout game, similar to Sparkpeople's Super Bowl game, to our favorite shows. I wanted to post here to share with spark friends.


Every time a zombie gets killed by a blade (knife, sword): do 25 jumping jacks

Every time Rick gets moody or throws a tantrum: do 25 jab punches

Every time Carl is on camera: jump in place/high knees

Any time a fire breaks out: do 25 push ups

Every time the gates are opened to the prison: do 25 sit ups

Every time someone kisses: do 25 knee lifts

Every time someone sobs: do double side steps

Every time the baby cries: do 25 kicks

Every time the Governor or his followers are on the scene: do a plank, 10 sets

Each time someone is bitten: run up and down the stairs

Each time Rick sees his dead wife's ghost: do 25 jump,kicks

Every time Meryl or Darryl swears: do 15 burpees

Every time a zombies skull is crushed: jog in place

Every time there is hand to hand combat: do 30 leg lifts, 15 ea leg

Every time Glenn and Maggie fight: 25 bicep curls

Every time Hershel gives a piece of wise advice or stitches someone up: overhead press

Every time Andrea gives a speech: 25 kickbacks

Every time the word "walker" is said: walk up and back, 10 sets

Every time Michonne gives a hard stare: boosted walking

Every time a gun jams or runs out of bullets: 15 triceps dips



Every time someone falls during a challenge: 25 crunches

Every time people go off to talk alone: 25 push ups

Any time someone is looking for the hidden immunity idol: jog in place for 30 seconds

Each time they are eating: bicep curls, 15 sets

Whenever they show the habitat/insects: side steps

Every time Jeff's name is said: 25 jump kicks

When Phillip is walking around in his underwear only: 25 bicycle crunches

Whenever there is a verbal fight: 25 jabs

Any time an alliance is made (or broken): 25 kicks

Every time someone lies: double side steps, 4 sets

Every time someone is talked about behind their back: run up and down stairs

When Jeff says "The tribe has spoken": do 25 jumping jacks
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