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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


So I will just subject you to my lack of exciting-ness. WELCOME.


I *am* grumpy cat, actually. (But grumpy cat cheers me up SO MUCH, also.)

No swimming since my last update, I don't think. I was so crazy busy last week, and I ended up getting to the hotel really late. Then on Sunday I knew I had a long drive back, so I was like... meh. I can just swim in "my own" pool when I get home.

Which after driving like 5 hours, do you think I felt like working out? NOOOOPE.

The food thing is A Problem, so I am heading out to go grocery shopping, like, NOW. Well, not NOW, but tonight. As soon as I finish flapping my virtual yap.

It has been... weird. I've been sick, which fluctuates between an excuse to eat Whatever (usually cookies or something) and making me not really have much appetite.

Then over the weekend I was weirdly binge-y. On Saturday night I ate like a meal's worth of calories in chips and candy. Nothing compared to, like, back in the day grad school binges, but still. It was just odd. Like, why am I doing this? Mostly because I was in a hotel room, in an unfamiliar city, in a neighborhood I didn't feel 100% comfortable walking around at night, so all I had was a random can of soup in my suitcase, and vending machine crap.

I totally ate the soup, too, don't worry. I did eat SOME real food. The room had a microwave, and they give you coffee cups with those tiny coffee machines they put in the bathroom for whatever reason (I get the reason for the coffee machine in the room, but why is it in the *BATHROOM* is what I am saying). And I had a spoon in my suitcase because I'm a weirdo like that. So I poured my soup into some coffee cups and voila, dinner. That, and, you know, a bag of fritos. And one of those tiny bags of Reeses pieces. And a Hershey bar.


I wonder if it's just that I've been so busy, we've been eating canned soup and takeout and stuff for a couple weeks and I'm BORED, or if it's having a cold, but nothing appeals to me. Like, I'm HUNGRY, but I think of the foods that are available to me, and I'm like "... meh. Nope." Then I eat a bunch of whatever, because... I'm HUNGRY. I have to 1) wait until I'm better, and 2) take some time for meal planning and shopping and whatever and see if that helps. Maybe if I actually had TIME to shop for and cook whatever I want I would actually want to eat it.

Speaking of me being sick (have I mentioned that I'm sick? Because I could whine about it some more if you did not know that I am sick...) I was just feeling yesterday like I am getting over this cold. Significantly less goo was coming out of my head, and it was only one or two different colors instead of about six (SO GROSS! YOU'RE WELCOME! I CAN DESCRIBE FURTHER IF YOU WOULD LIKE!).

THEN this morning what did I wake up with?? A sore throat. What is generally known as The Harbinger Of A Horrible Cold Throat. Normally I get a brutal, almost unbearable sore throat for 1-2 days, and then comes the Goo Of Many Colors and lack of breathing and all that.

EXCUSE ME, THROAT. You are clearly OUT OF ORDER. We have already done the Goo. We are finished with the germs and the grossness, you can go. I trust you to see yourself out, THANK YOU. BLARGH.

So either I'm having a BACKWARDS cold, OR, even better, I'm having Cold #2 right on top of the end of Cold #1, which BY THE WAY I ALREADY HAD A COLD like back in... I don't know, December? I forget. But it was within this winter. One per year, that is the deal that we have, my body and I. YOU HAVE EXCEEDED YOUR QUOTA.

Thanks, grumpy cat. I feel better. HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE.

So that's controlling my food intake and exercising... or lack thereof. Even with all that craziness I randomly am back down a pound, to 252, which puts me... exactly where I was on January 1.

BORING. BOO. Progress = zero = POOPITY.

So swimming for eleventy billion hours a week is apparently not the way to lose weight. Who knows. My exercise went way up, but my calorie consumption went up also, between being crazy busy and being on vacation, so I just kind of... stayed. Over the long term. I gained a little in January, lost a little, gained a little, lost again.

Better back where I started than back UP, but still. Annoying. I'm trying to, like, GO somewhere. ELSE. Ya know?

I am thinking I will not so much do a structured challenge for March after all, but just really push on getting my eating business back on the rails properly.

I am still going to work on pushups - the idea is to work up to 3 sets of something, I think 30? (I will check when I get home...) of wall pushups, then incline pushups, then *actual* pushups. The goal being to do "some" number of real pushups, on the floor, NOT on my knees. Some number that is more than zero. I'll keep swimming for fun and general exercise, but nothing crazy where I'm trying to put up huge numbers or anything.

And we'll see what the scale does.

On the plus side, when I was home the weekend of the 23rd-24th, I picked up my fancy bra from my wedding (need it for bridesmaid dress alterations in... uh... MAY.). It fits, even though I weighed 230 when I got married and I weigh 252 now (probably 255 that weekend. BLOORCH).

On the other hand, lately I just *feel* fatter. Bleh. I know, it's insane. I feel like my lower belly has been pooching out a little more, I don't look QUITE as good in my new pants, though they DO still fit. Not into those sixteens yet, sniffle sniffle.

Weirdly enough, THREE different people stopped me on Friday to tell me I am looking great/making progress. It is kind of nice and a boost, but I was feeling especially puffy on Friday, so I was also just in my head kind of like "OH, LIARS."

HEH. It's good to keep some perspective, YA KNOW? emoticon

I'm gonna go buy some actual food and see if that improves my mood and general routine.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _MOBII_
    I am so sorry that you are feeling bad, but I am sitting here lmao...I LOVE Tard, miss grumpy kitty!

    1901 days ago
    You always make me smile. Awesome blog.
    1904 days ago
    Love your blogs - thanks for the laughs! I hope you feel better soon.

    1904 days ago
    Swimming is always a great workout for me, but the problem is that it leaves me starrrrrrrrving, especially if I'm in the pool for longer than an hour. I have to really work at not making up the calorie burn in extra food.

    Maybe the coffee maker is in the bathroom to help shy people. You know, if the coffee maker is percolating, maybe that makes people "go" easier? Maybe it doubles as an air freshener when you make coffee? emoticon

    I believe multiple colors of goo require a trip to the doctor's office. Or a feature on some wacky Ripley's Believe or Not show. Hope it heeds it's eviction notice soon!

    Love me some grumpy cat!
    1904 days ago
    Okay, I got my exercise laughing at your blog! Sorry, but I did. I'm not a cat person, but I loved the captions! The bug has to go, though. I'd offer to make chicken soup and tea to drown it, but um, I don't think it would survive the trip...

    Anyway, it seems like everyone is kind of stalled right now. Between colds, being snowed in, and just not feeling like doing anything, ugh! And I have to go the Orthopedist on Friday. I should get my final release, since I'm self-employed. I don't know if I want to see what the scale says. I'm pretty sure I've gained about 5 pounds.

    Oh well. Back on track for me, too. As soon as I can get back to the Y!

    Hope you feel better soon!
    1905 days ago
    You are HILARIOUS and I love you. Look can get back on track. As long as you get rid of your cold!!! Hopefully you will have my luck and lose tomorrow. :)
    1905 days ago
    Hello, yes the journey is never easy, especially when there seems to be no progress. Hopefully your body apprecitates the extra movement even if it doesn't show up yet. Keep at it. emoticon
    Thanks, I also love grumpy cat.
    SP Diversity Team
    1905 days ago
    You are worth it!
    1905 days ago
    1905 days ago
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