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Odd Habits of a Healthy Chick

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Today, I thought I would do a fun little blog about some things that I think are a little strange about myself or things that have been bugging me so here we go:

emoticon I don’t snack.

When I lost weight in the past the traditional way (cut calories, work out), I was constantly eating or hungry, always thinking about my next meal. Now that I eat mostly-Paleo, I find that the foods keep me satiated longer. Now I can go for hours between meals, usually only eating 3-4 meals a day. I like it much better this way!

emoticon I prefer hot foods over cold.

I just think this is a little funny. I don’t really like cold savory foods. Salads are ok but even then, I would prefer if my protein on it were warm (like chicken, steak, etc.).

emoticon I have never thought that women shouldn’t lift heavy weights.

I find it really odd that women think they shouldn’t lift heavy weights or they will get huge. This never once crossed my mind. Sure, I’ve done some high rep, low weight things, especially in Body Pump or doing a workout DVD. But I’ve also done the New Rules of Lifting for Women (high weight, low rep). I just always used as much weight as I could, no matter what kind of lifting it was. So whenever I read articles like the ones below, though I do find them a little funny and get a giggle out of it, I have never felt the compulsion to write something like this. I guess I’m just sheltered and think all women should be strong!

emoticon I don’t obsess over my water intake.

Yep, I really don’t care if I get 8 glasses, or half my body weight in ounces, or whatever other convention out there says. I always keep a water bottle with me and track my intake when I feel like I’m dehydrated and slacking off, but usually I’m not very thirsty. Also, now that my diet generally lacks grains and other water-hogging foods, I don’t need to drink as much water as someone else might (and Mark agrees with me! - link below). Finally, I avoid drinking around meals – water dilutes your stomach acid, making it harder to digest foods.

emoticon I don’t actually like running.

Yep, I don’t really enjoy it as you might think. I enjoy seeing myself progress – running longer, faster – but I don’t actually enjoy it while I’m doing it. It also is a great way for me to relieve stress. Actually, the best and only way I have found that works for me. But that is because I find running really hard, physically and mentally. So its more of a love for a challenge than a love for running!

What are some habits you have that aren’t “typical” in the healthy-living world?

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