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The Color Run (and 5k's in general)

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

So I've wanted to sign up for a 5k since I became more motivated. Since I just started getting back into exercising, I thought it would be a good idea to register for one of these races in the middle of summer or late summer to give me time to get ready. BUT...there are some runs close to me that my friends want me to join in May. Can I do it?

I told myself when I started this journey that I can't say no anymore because I'm scared. That I have to be a "Yes Man" (woman) like Jim Carey in that movie. So I said yes to a "Color Me Rad" race in Syracuse, NY. May 4th...YIKES! I've made a commitment! And now I have to be accountable! It really excites me and frightens me at the same time.

Who can relate? Can you tell me how someone might stay truly motivated to work towards something like this? Because I'm working on building my confidence, I'm still worried about being embarrassed or letting myself down if I walk instead of jog. How do you cope with these feelings? How do you prepare mentally?

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    Thanks, Don! I mapped out a 5k around the bird trails near my house. And I half jogged, half walked it. Not as bad as I thought--I brought my iPod like you suggested and it helped a lot.

    I did struggle with my fear of having a heart attack though! I know it's irrational, but I can't stop myself! How do you get that little voice out of your head when you feel like you have to stop? Also as soon as I feel the lactic acid building up in my legs, I stop because I hate that pain. Even if it goes away after a while, I always stop.

    Don or anyone can answer--when this happens, do you push through the pain until it goes away? Does it always go away or are there times when it never ends until you stop?

    1929 days ago

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    My forte is road cycling...not at all a fan of running. BUT: we're coming up on my 3rd year at the Binghamton Bridge Run on May 5th:


    which I have pushed myself into doing each year so I can "mix it up" with my cardio and also to join in the fun with other members of SparkPeople along with THOUSANDS of others.

    I'm no speed demon and if I ever say I "run" this 5K I about a fast walk or a jog? :-)

    I start preparing several weeks ahead of time by clocking out a few 5K at Otsiningo Park and another downtown Binghamton along the Riverwalk.

    The Galloway method is intervals of jogging and walking...increasing the amount of jogging and decreasing the amount of walking over time.

    For me, the right music on my mp3 player makes a HUGE difference!

    Kudos to your efforts! Step by step we KNOW you can DO IT!

    1931 days ago
    Wow! I love those ideas! I'm definitely going to try the marbles and put the jar in an obvious place :-)

    Yes, I agree that making a commitment like this really makes you stick to it and get your butt moving! I guess it's a good thing, haha. I just jogged/walked 3.1 miles today and it seems like I COULD do it...I just have to make sure I go out every day.

    Thanks for the motivation advise. I'll try those things and I'm hopeful it'll help to remind me what I need to do!

    1931 days ago
    I signed up for the color run this summer as well, and Im not in shape at all. I was sick of getting in my own way though and decided the only way to motivate myself enough to actually do the run is to pay the money and register. Now I have post-its all over my room with reasons to get my butt in gear (they range from simple things like the color run and buying a little black dress that is actually little to broad overall desires like a clean bill of health and liking what I see in the mirror). The post its have been super helpful. I also made motivation jars which are just 2 jars or glasses, one labeled pounds to go and the other labeled pounds lost. Put as many glass marbles as pounds you want to lose in the first jar and every time you lose a pound move a marble to the second jar. I put them on my dresser so I see it everyday. The last thing I did to keep motivated was a vision board. Mine is small on a piece of construction paper but you can go as big or as small as you please with it. I made mine with visions and goals for the year 2013 but kept it realistic. I dont expect to look like a supermodel in the matter of a year, ya know?! Hope this helps and congrats on signing up!!
    1931 days ago
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