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Irony of a hard workout!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I was getting on the recumbent bike at the gym last night. I was on the last of my 3 on 1 day rest cycle so I usually go pretty hard. It was nice to be back on the recumbent after the weekend away. I prefer a regular bike to the recumbent but do not like the ones with the huge seats like at the hotel. So it was nice to be pedaling on something I was comfortable with again.

So, since it was the last day before rest day and looking for a hard workout. I put it on level 9. And I chose the hill workout called Killamanjaro. Set the time for 55 minutes and a 5 minute cool down. I start watching the little red dots on the bike. Every 55 seconds a dot disappears. And every 55 seconds it gets a touch harder. So I see 5 red dots on level one. Nice easy spinning. After those 5, it bumps a level for another 5 dots. Still fairly easy pedaling. Heart rate nice and steady. No problem.

Bump to level 3. Still kind of easy for 5 dots. Though the heart rates starts to bump up. When I hit level 4, it is starting to make the work feel good. This one only lasts for 4 dots. Then a bump to level 5. Okay, another 4 dot interval. We got this right? Heart rate takes a jump. One dot disappears. Thinking really, only 55 seconds? Seems longer. Second dot disappears. Wow, I know it should have been more than that. Okay finally we are on the last dot. I can do this. Then staring at the next increase. I realize that is 4 dots as well. Wow, I thought sure that would only be 3. Okay bump to level six. Looking at the heart rate now. Is it okay for it to be that high? Still have the RPM around 100, let it fall to 97, why does that seem harder than at the faster RPM? Watching these dots is not making this any easier.

So I look at the movie. Okay, been pedaling awhile. Should be half way through now. What? Only one dot is gone? Did I bump a button and jack it to the next level? Oh wait, only one more increase for what? Another 4 dots on the next level? Stupid dots. Really? Oh God! I just hit the highest level. Wow, this is tough. But it's only 4 dots long and it will be easier right? Wow, I wasn't sure the heart rate could go up more. Guess I wasn't at max after all. Holy Cow. Only one dot gone? That seemed like about 2 minutes instead of the 55 seconds. Whew. The sweat is rolling now. Okay, 2 dots gone. Half way through! OMG, how long does it take to move the dots now? 3 minutes? 4? Nope still just 55 seconds. Okay, down to the last one then it gets easier. I can manage 55 seconds of anything right?

Wow! That 55 seconds seemed like 55 minutes. Awesome! I just dropped a level. All down hill from here. Wait, the dot mountain went down. It doesn't feel easier. I thought it would be a relief. Oh wait, on an exercise bike there is no coasting. So, finally make it through that level. Drop another. It sure doesn't seem easier than the last! It seems like it is getting harder. This level on the way up wasn't so bad. Oh cool it must be. The heart rate is finally coming down, so maybe a heart attack isn't imminent. And another drop in the red dot mountain. But wait, isn't this supposed to be easier? The legs are getting rubbery! I better drink some more water. That will pass the time. I can quit watching the timer. What? It only takes a couple seconds to take a drink? Okay, halfway through this one.

Finally back to level 3. I was just starting to break a sweat on this one on the way up. I should notice this one feeling easier. It should be easier than this dang it! It's level 3 for Pete's sake! Wait, I have 5 dots at this level? Really? This is going to take forever? Whose brilliant idea was it to program this stupid bike? Really, who would climb Mt. Killamonjaro on a bike? Freaking moron. Nobody would!

Okay, finally down to 2. Is this really easier than the top of the mountain? I guess so, heart rate is finally down from somewhere around a million beats per second. So it must be. Legs don't agree. But the last red dot on the screen. Freaking red dots! If I see a red light on the way home I might scream in panic! I think this is the stupidest workout ever! Okay, finally on the last 5 dots then the cooldown! Yay! The end is in sight! I swear though, that I climbed the mountain and never came down! The red dots said I did, but they are lying!

Ahh, the blessed ease of the cooldown! Nice smooth pedaling now? Why is it so hard to maintain that 90 rpm! People are going to be laughing at me as I walk to the locker room and my legs aren't co-operating. The sauna is going to feel so good. The glutes are going to love that hot bench, assuming I can actually step up on to the bench. Nice and relxing! What, still 4 minutes?

Finally I am finished. 500 calories it said I burned! What an awesome workout. Legs haven't felt this alive in awhile! I just climbed a mountain and survived! The sauna and stretch does feel wonderful! The walk to the locker room wasn't so bad! Legs were weak, but a good weak. I knew I had worked out and am better for it! I knew I had pushed it and could go in to rest day with a clear conscience. I knew I had done something!

Gotta love that feeling at the end of a tough workout!
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  • BILL60
    God that was funny!! Well done.
    1874 days ago
    Yeah, not sure what I was thinking at the time. :)
    1875 days ago
  • KA_JUN, that sounds SERIOUS! emoticon
    1875 days ago
    Glad you enjoyed it. It was fun writing it. It was a great feeling at the end. And that extra .1 mile probably meant more than the previous half mile. Good job to you too!
    1875 days ago
    LOVE IT!!! I can imagine how long those 55 seconds were. I was having to talk myself through my workout lastnight on the treadmill. I swaer that last .10 miles was 2 miles long!!! Awesome job!!!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    1875 days ago
    Thanks Momcheers. Glad you enjoyed it. I was just thinking about how it felt watching those little red dots. I am sure tomorrow will be a good workout. I am looking forward to warmer weather so i can get outside some!
    1875 days ago
    emoticon (those tears are from laughing!)
    I love your writing! So discriptive and I can totally see myself doing this! Well probably not, 'cuz I wouldn't have made it that far! lol! 55 minutes on the bike ~ WOW! Great job!

    Hope the feeling of accomplishment follows you to your next workout and keeps you motivated! Ride on! :-)
    1875 days ago
    1875 days ago
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