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Seeking Advice Day 4 Challenge Blog

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I do need advice. I have been debating back and forth for 3 months. As many of you know, I have degenerative disc disease in my neck. He basically said that I have no disc left and he thinks that is what is causing my back, neck and shoulder pain.

The last time I saw him, he basically said that I should wear a cervical collar for when I sleep and, if it doesn't get 75% better, I should get an epidural block. The pain hasn't gotten any better. It is continuously in my upper back. I keep hoping that is due to the storms we have been having or my sitting too long, but I think he may be right.

I underwent back surgery about 10 years ago. I had two shoulder surgeries in 2007 after I got beat up at work. I do not want another surgery and I don't think I want anyone messing around with my neck putting this epidural block in. I keep thinking that, if the guy misses or something, I could be paralyzed.

I also keep thinking to myself that, if I lose the weight, than maybe there won't be so much pressure on my neck and my body and it won't be as affected. I doubt if that is true as I was my goal weight when I had my back surgery. I keep going to pick up the phone to make the call to get the epidural block, but I just keep waiting and hoping that each day will get better. It isn't.

Has anyone ever had one of these before? What does it entail? Would you do it again? Any thoughts would be welcome.
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    My Mom had 2 nerves cut in her neck due to pain after a car accident...think it was a whiplash. Didn't help at all. I have heard of so many people who have back surgery and get worse from it. Bob worked with a woman who just had some and now can hardly walk. His Dad didn't get better from back surgery. My Mom considered it once (she had a bad accident 4 years ago) and we talked her out of it..she is pretty much ok now.
    I could go on and on of the ones who have done surgery. But, epidural, not sure about that. I know a guy next door who goes and gets injections in his back off and on for his pain and he says it helps. Maybe it is an epidural.
    If you know his reputation and he is a good Dr, and your pain is that bad, I would consider it. Although even with my bad knees and needing knee replacements eventually I am doing the same, putting it off hoping I can build up my strength, lose weight or maybe some cure will happen for osteoarthritis and reverse what I have in the mean time. I would do any safe procedure, if I got to where it was debilitating. But, the back is a very tricky area and sometimes I have seen Chiropractors and Acupuncture do more good than surgery! Have you checked into a good Dr. that does Acupuncture. My SPF Noraspat swears by helped her with her bad back! I wish you well and good luck on what you decide to do. emoticon
    1934 days ago
    I sure hope you find a great solution and soon.
    1935 days ago
    Sorry no help here at all. I would get a second opinion and go from there. Hugs
    1935 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Can you get a second opinion? Maybe another doctor would have a different recommendation. Or maybe it would be the same. Either way it would be more information than you have now. Having the block put in sounds terrifying, but being in chronic pain is awful too. I don't have enough information to advise you, but know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    1935 days ago
    Oh my gosh, Nina.... I don't know, I have never heard of this. It probably won't get better on its own, but I wonder what natural remedies may be available? I don't blame you for being reluctant to have it done, and certainly I wouldn't want surgery, either. Have you researched what you can do? emoticon
    1935 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    **HUGS** I'm so sorry the pain isn't getting any better. I don't have any great advice for you as I've never had that procedure done. Perhaps you could have your doc recommend a support group or patients that have had both good and bad results you could talk to about it? Outside of that very limited advice all I can do is wish you the best results no matter what you decide.

    A question that should also be asked is what the consequences of not having this procedure done is. Since you have degenerative discs could it help stabilize the other discs?
    1935 days ago
    I have not had an epidural l block, my doctor advised me no too, he said once I started, I would not be able to stop, maybe get advice from a naturopath, that is what I have done and it seems to be working, but do what is right for you!!!
    1935 days ago
    I don't have any advice for your situation, but just wanted to mention that I had no idea what "5% Blog Advice" meant, so I clicked on your blog out of curiosity. You might get more responses if you made your title more descriptive.

    Good luck, I hope you get relief from your pain.
    1935 days ago
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