Day 4 - So How Am I Doing?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

So far, am doing great! Dropped 4 plus some lbs. since I started about 4 days ago. I am eating right for me too - no problems so far.

I do have an appt. with my chiro. this morning and I am sure he will get all defensive about the Omega 3 oil he sells ( that is imported from a Scandinavian country) but I drank the whole bottle of his and didn't get any response whatsoever.

I have ankylosing spondylitis (was diagnosed by a homeopath in 1980) and started taking Krill oil 4 days ago (omega 3 from a shrimp type shellfish found only in certain areas of the world) in softgel form and my pain disappeared with the first dose. So, go figure!

I can't tell you anymore to convince you if you don't believe my results.

But like anything else, if you're shopping around, get a good brand!

I asked EJH on my Herb team what brands she recommends because I use a Canadian name, NOW, but apparently brought in from the U.S.

Take care,
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