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Day 5 Already! WHOO HOO!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Due to a very sore and cracked heel I have been prevented from running/walking for a few days, but I applied a thick slather of ZAMBUCK this morning and hopefully that will clear things up!
( My South African friends will know what that is , wonderful stuff....)

So last night I did some squats, lying leg extensions and some calf raises instead.

So far nutritionally I have been on track, eating protien, veg, fruit and 85% dark choc....until yesterday when I "tested" the effect on my body that spelt bread would have......if you are on "The Plan" then you will know what I mean, except I don't have the book so I am just doing it on my own...and I have been eating this way for long enough that I know carbs make me gain, I just want to know WHICH ONES, or whether it is just all grains!?

I WAS 3 pounds down yesterday ( YIKES!!) and then I tried some bread yesterday and this morning I was up 1 pound again...) so that tells me it is the bread! All other meals were on track! One day I will talk my DH in to buying me the book and I will actually attempt to follow it myself , but it is rather funny that I have been finding out these things on my own, not even knowing there was a book out there. I have been saying for a while to my clients and to those I motivate at my seminars that you can't just have a cookie cutter diet, everyone is different and you have to see what affects YOUR body!

I have some GREAT blogs coming up!
Here is a link:


I am so excited about the quality of tips and advice I am able to offer on this 30 Day Challenge and I am also so excited that someone found my challenge by just googling "sugar free" cool is that!!!!!

So on we go ladies,

If you have any questions as to what is expected of you or what you should or should not be doing, please email me and I will do my best to answer them!

OK, so back to eating the same for a few days and the next thing I test is brown rice!

I am making CARROT AND GINGER SOUP today in my slow cooker!
Smells good!

I have my ds' birthday party coming up on Friday and unexpected company coming for the weekend so this week is a busy one! Keep those pics coming! I love seeing the world through your eyes!

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    I've found the same thing with yeast breads - I seem to expand just like bread does as it rises! I've been trying to keep yeast related items to a minimum - more like a treat or in small quantities and using alternatives. I do like bread though. But.... I'm already feeling results even in my mix up of 5 days so it's all worth it. Even these darn cravings that have me wanting to stand on my head sometimes - hey, maybe that's the answer.

    Anyway, cravings are somewhat less, but now they hit me at the weirdest times. It's like my body is trying last resorts to get me to succumb to temptation - but I'm not gonna - we're a team and I'm not letting myself get off track that easily.

    Cracked heels are such a pain. So far so good this winter for me, but I've had problems with heels and finger tips. Finally have a couple of things that seem to work when I need it.

    Day 5 success. No Soda!!! I blew the white carbs - get this. I made left over quinoa for myself for supper to go with our meat etc - my DS says, isn't there any for me? I'd made bean thread noodles for the rest and he actually would have preferred quinoa. Yes! Anyway, how I blew my carbs was when I was cooking their noodles I ate one to test for doneness. Oops! But that's all I blew it by, one medium length rice noodle. Luckily they were done. ;) Did my 15 minutes of walking and weights. Today I'm hoping to do a bit more, but I'm still not feeling myself yet so we'll see how ambitious I am.

    Have a great day! CJ
    1930 days ago
    Tuesday was great for me. I am not even hungry and
    have so far been able to do without wheat as well as
    as the white carbs and coffee and I do feel less bloated,
    which is a bonus.
    Your carrot soup sounds nice and I can't wait for winter
    so that I can make lots of soups. I am sorry to hear about
    your heel and hope it clears soon. Try Vaseline with socks.

    Exercise was my 15 minute walk to my circuit class
    at 7am for 1 hour, then walked home and got ready
    for work at 9.15am. I used a lot of stairs as I had to
    deliver resources to he classroom teachers.
    I was tired in the evening but felt good. We can do this!
    Have a great day. Here's a cup of green tea for you and me....
    emoticon emoticon
    1931 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/6/2013 6:32:38 AM
    Oh, such a bummer about your heel, but I'm glad you found a way to get your exercise in and keep your attitude up! I hope it heals quickly!!!

    That's very interesting about the bread experiment. If I thought I'd be happy w/o any bread for the rest of my life, I'd consider a clean cut but, the truth is, I love it, and I just need to love it in moderation. Honestly, I'm much happier with the sprouted grain, hearty breads over the white-flour ones, but I love bread stuffs...more than cupcakes, which I actually think (in the long run) I'd be perfectly fine without.

    Just as it was the last time I replaced refined sugar, I'm finding my energy more consistent and I just feel better. It's just so hard to take that first step sometimes. So, thank you. I don't know when, or if, I'd have taken it without this opportunity and your encouragement.

    As for my Day 5 Stats: great on the food front (no sugar/no white carbs), and I even stayed in range again!!! I didn't fit in cardio today, which means Strength Training before bed. I'll do plank, pushups, situps, and squats.

    Thanks for everything, Mel! have a great night and heal your heel!!! emoticon
    1931 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/5/2013 8:55:50 PM
  • SHEILA1505
    Now that's a goooooood idea - I've tried Ingrams Camphor cream, I've tried Bio Oil and I still have a couple of cracks - almost as if my foot is trying to burst out of its skin :( Someone suggested, the other day, that I slather on whatever cream and wear sox to bed??? Why on earth do you have cracks, it's not as if you have 38C weather and slop around in flipflops or barefoot?

    3 litres of water down already, fish and vegetables for dinner, fresh salad with avo asparagus, radish, boiled egg and a couple of thin slices of ham for lunch - so thin you could read a magazine through them. Otherwise, lashing of fruit and plain yogurt - not a grain in sight, and no soft cheese today either.

    60 minutes of Aqua and another 60 walking, gardening, house stuff and several hours of pampering at the Beauty School - it was be-good-to-me day today, with a neighbour/friend.
    1931 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Owie on the heel! Hope it heals (no pun intended) quickly.
    1931 days ago
  • LIS193
    Sorry to hear about your heel - hope the salve helped and it's on the mend.
    I put the recipe for the Plan carrot soup on your page (in a regular pan, stovetop) Let me know how yours turns out. Good luck testing different foods. Her book says to have a no-test day after you tested reactive and the inflammation can stay with you for anything up to 72 hours. One the weight drops again you can start testing new things. I am still recovering from my bread test (weight gain, joint discomfort) - let's make today a great day!
    1931 days ago
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