Disappointment- Not making progress as I had hoped. Small pity party

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

This is going to be a sulky blog for lack of a better term. This last week was the first week where I really fell off track. I overate, under-exercised. I ended up getting measured today. According to their scale, I lost 2 lbs. According to my scale, I am up a pound. I have only lost 0.25 inches from all the measurements. I am feeling so disappointed in myself. I am just feeling so very down on myself.

The exercise plan:
Monday: strength training, 20 minute stair master emoticon
Tuesday: 40 minute exercise bike or rest. Ended up resting- emoticon
Wednesday: rest of exercise bike- 40 min bike ride emoticon
Thursday: strength training, then 20 minute treadmill emoticon
Friday: 40 minute elliptical emoticon
Saturday: walk or Yoga emoticon

The food:
Monday:1546 calories
Tuesday: 17 calories91, over 91 calories
Wednesday: 1322 calories
Thursday: 1436 calories
Friday: 1628 calories
Saturday: 1676 calories.

I know I did worse this week than I have done. The worst feeling is knowing that I can never outrun a bad diet, but I didn't feel I was doing that bad. I need to start measuring my food religiously, and eat better dinners as I do fair with breakfast and lunch (cooking up a batch of baked oatmeal, have chili/salad for lunch tomorrow). I need to up my fruit and veggies as well. I also fell drinking water, so I need to get back into that. Knowing I need to be better eating, I also know I need to be a little more lenient about working out. When I missed my workouts, I beat myself up so much mentally. I knew it was unhealthy even while I was doing it.

So, my goals this week:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Personal Training Session
Tuesday: 40 minute stationary bike
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: strength training, 20 minute treadmill
Friday: 40 minute Elliptical
Saturday: Yoga

Short term, what I want to accomplish: today is a lost cause on water, but starting tomorrow I am going to get my 8 glasses. I need to incorporate more freggies, so hubby is going to shop tomorrow to help get us healthy sides/snacks. Finally, I need to be sure I get a snack near the end of the work day so I don't run out of steam. It should be easy enough to start working on. I am going to really concentrate on water this week as well as the snack

Long term, this month I am shifting my schedule around so that I may work a little earlier, but not have days that last till 7-8 PM...which gets me closer to being mentally healthier/happier. The next big struggle I am trying to work through is do I need a personal trainer. I feel like I was working so hard on my own this week, and yet still didn't do well. Maybe if I really invest in personal trainer with someone peeking in with what I am doing, I can really get to where I need to be.

So, I don't know. I am just frustrated and disappointed. But, I am going to push on tomorrow, and hopefully keep moving towards a positive end result.
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  • JUSTME29
    It sounds like you have a great short and long term plan to turn things around. I need to make myself stop and have a snack near the end of my work day too. I'm always frantically trying to finish up so I don't want to take the time, but then I'm famished and won't wait for dinner when I get home. If I take the time to eat an apple or something I think it would make a huge difference. We'll both try that this week.
    1901 days ago
    I bet a personal trainer will help a lot. Just knowing that someone is aware of what you are doing can make a big difference.
    1901 days ago
    You are a brave lady, and I believe it's very healing to share ALL of ourselves and our journey. I'm proud of you for writing this blog! I do want to point out that I sensed a good bit of self-punishment, though, and I just want to offer a little reminder for you to try to be gentle with yourself :)

    I use the mantra, FEEDBACK NOT FAILURE, FEEBACK NOT FAILURE, whenever I'm getting ready to measure or weigh in, and it helps me a lot.

    Every moment can be a fresh start, and everything passes in its own time - the joy and the heartache, the success and the disappointment, it all passes, and we grow and change.

    I have been struggling quite a bit with acceptance and procrastination has been "visiting" me for awhile now. But the good thing is, when I get fed up enough with my misery, I light a fire and take action. I'm almost there! I can feel it!

    So hang on, deep, deep breaths, okay? We are all with you, and this, too, really shall pass.

    I'm very glad to have you in my life as a dear SparkFriend!

    Blessings Abound in Your Life!

    Lori emoticon
    1901 days ago
  • LIBRA73
    You probably gained muscle! It happens. Don't worry one bit about that gain. It's a tiny gain. And you are a mighty woman! You can do it! GRRRR! emoticon
    1901 days ago
    Pity parties are okay once-in-awhile.....Now you've got it out of your system, you can get back on track. Don't beat yourself up, we ALL have those weeks, then we realize how stupid we are because we have been trying so hard, just to mess it up !!
    Think positive, remember your goals, don't look back, look forward. emoticon emoticon
    1902 days ago
    You've cheered me through tough times, and I'll be here for you. Have a little pity party - it's cool. Then get back on your plan. You KNOW what you need to do. And I KNOW you can do it!
    1902 days ago
    we all have hard times sticking to what we want to do, but you can still get on track n time.
    1902 days ago
    You can do it!
    1902 days ago
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