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Over 100 Pounds and a 5km Run

Monday, March 04, 2013

It hit me last night as I was drifting off to sleep...

I no longer have to lose over 100 pounds... I will never again have to say to myself, "I need to lose over 100 pounds" (or more)...

I've already moved from morbidly obese to obese! Yeah!

I only have 87 pounds (or so) to lose now with the 45 pounds I've already lost...

Will I have lost more than 100 pounds when I get to my goal weight? Yes!
But, I don't have 100 pounds LEFT to lose!

That's the kind of semantics that works for me!


I did my first 5KM Run this weekend at 237 pounds. Granted, it was more walking and jogging than running, because it was really muddy and slippery, and in uneven fields, with obstacles, but I DID IT! And, they ran out of 2XL shirts, so I took a XL t-shirt. When I tried it on, it FIT!

I've been doing the SparkPeople Couch to 5km program for the past 6 weeks... not quite finished with the program but then I won two entries to the run from my radio station and Carole, a dear friend who just started to go to the gym, did it with me. (Thank you Carole!)

After being assured by the race organizers that we could walk when we needed to, that there would be people to help with the obstacles and we could go around any we wanted to, we drove with some anxious nerves to the start point.

We arrived and thought "What have we gotten ourselves into?" All of the competitors who had already completed the race were covered in mud. (The event info said we probably would get dirty, but what do you know when you've never been to a run... in March... in the rainy Pacific Northwest? Duh!) It really should have been called the Fire and Ice MUD Run.

Getting ready to start, Carole (L) and me:

This was the first obstacle, right after the start line... jump over buckets of "ice".

Next obstacle we shuffled, crouched down through a storm drain... greeted by mud at other side of course.

Then we had to climb up "ice cubes" made of cement barriers- stacked a total of 4 or 5 high... up one side and down the other. Here are the "ice cubes" (the actual obstacle photos were borrowed from pictures taken at set-up by the race organizers

The tires were slippery... It was much muddier than this on race day, with mud in all of the open spaces.

First you were supposed to climb up a wall of mud, then get over this tube, come down the other side and then run through it. We climbed up the mud wall, but it was so muddy I couldn't get footing to hoist myself over, so we ended up going down the side, and then running through it.

We didn't go over these wall obstacles - I think there were three - we tapped them as we went by.

These monkey bars... they had emt's at them... we watched people go across or attempt to go across and said, "No thanks." The sisters (pictured at the end) did attempt it... they fell in to the irrigation ditch into waist deep water and had to climb out the muddy bank. It was just after this obstacle that Carole and I pinky-swore that we would do the event again next year and attempt to do more of the obstacles knowing what were in for - lots of water and mud.

Workers building the pontoons. We were told after we went through this obstacle that on Friday all four of them were floating. Only one was by the time we did the race. First, we had to walk across two two-by four planks to pontoon #1, then jump onto pontoon #2 (front of picture) which was floating and wobbly, then walk the plank to the 3rd pontoon, hop to the fourth (which was very slippery) and walk another plank off it... or, you could just jump off the end into a huge puddle and wade through to the other side... we walked the plank.

We did climb (the edge of) this pile of tires.

It felt good to see that even experienced runners were walking a lot of the course because of the conditions and it was also obvious that we weren't the only ones avoiding the mud and some of the obstacles.

Other obstacles we did complete - walk a 2x4 across an irrigation ditch holding on to a rope over our heads, walk planks that got smaller and smaller arranged in a zig-zag across the irrigation ditch, climb over a storm drain and then pull ourselves up a muddy incline with a rope, a teeter-totter, and my favorite - the net over the irrigation ditch.

At a lot of the obstacles we watched other participants go first to get the idea. The guy manning the net obstacle (you can see it in the video at the end - a fishing net folded over many times and stretched across) told us to do "high knees". We were like, yeah right... so the sisters caught up to us and we told them what he said to do. They waited and watched with us. A couple of Japanese college students came up, we told them what to do. They chattered back and forth. Then a woman came up. We told her to use high knees. She just rolled her eyes, dove on to the net and rolled across to the other side of the irrigation ditch. So one of the college student followed suit and almost fell off the edge. His buddy did the high knees and it really did look okay, so we all high knee'd it across knowing we could just drop and roll if we had to. It was fun and not nearly as hard as it had seemed when we weren't in the know.

My sons, Tristan and Nicholas, joined us near the finish at one of the last obstacles. This is us at the finish line as we passed through a line of fire (well smoking embers). (Crappy photo because my youngest used up all of my camera battery while we were running so we had a picture taken with a Nintendo 3DS.)

Because we didn't go through the water and mud puddles, we didn't get too dirty, though I did toss my shoes and socks.

These were the two sisters we did a lot of the event with... Their laughter was contagious. We were all laughing throughout that we were actually doing this... of course, they actually went through all the mud and water obstacles... we didn't ;)

Here's a really quick video the organizers made when they were setting up the race course. The net was my favorite obstacle. You can see the "ice cube" obstacle - that is not how I went up and down it though. LOL. youtu.be/gYqb7shJ-vI

We didn't break any land/speed records - it took us about an hour and a half - LOL. But we sure had fun!

And, we've already got some friends ready to go with us next year...

My NEXT 5K will be on level ground so I can actually run it...

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