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SURRENDER - Tips from 100# Down

Monday, March 04, 2013

On my journey to the 100 pounds lost milestone I early on learned the meaning of surrender. Now before you think I'm talking about "giving up" on the journey I mean quite the opposite. A successful weight loss and fitness journey is going to require a surrender of old ways to a HEALTHY NEW LIFESTYLE.

This was a BIG hurdle for me. I had lost weight successfully before (not quite as much as I have this time) but enough for people to notice. The difference is I always saw it as something to endure to reach that "magic number" on the scale so I could go back to my way of life. WRONG!

Each time that led to nothing but regaining the weight I worked OH SO HARD to lose. I had to change my mindset. I had to say "enough". I've lived that life of eating what I want when I want and while it may have tasted good for 10 minutes the consequences of it (obesity) weighed heavy on me mentally AND phyiscally. That old lifestyle was going to have to go. I had to surrender to the process necessary to change my lifestyle.

I did that in small steps. Once I gave myself over to the journey and "burned my bridges" so to speak I was able to focus on the destination and make some progress.

I saw each bad habit I left behind as a sort of "waypoint" on my map. Some of those early waypoints included:

1) EATING OUT OF CONTROL - I had to learn my calorie range. This is important. An accurate calculation will be based on age, height, current weight and activity. Some calculations also factor in gender. Know your range.

2) LETTING FOOD TRIGGER OVEREATING What foods trigger overeating? Do sweets send you into a feeding frenzy? Maybe it's salty snacks. Perhaps it's the bread basket. Whatever it is come to grips with it and try to reduce/eliminate that from your diet early on so you won't sabotage yourself out of the starting gate. Once in control you can introduce measured quantities of your trigger food to see if you are now able to eat them in the moderation required to sustain forward progress!

3) EATING TOO MANY CARBS - What is your food ratio? Do you know what ratio of fat/carbs/protein you are eating? If you accurately track your food in the SP tracker you can click on FULL report at the bottom and see just how you are donig in this area. I found that by increasing my protein and reducing my carbs I could achieve a little better weight loss. You will have to work with this for your own body but give it a look.

4) DRINKING SODA POP - I had to work hard on this one in the beginning. I started by drinking 4 ounces of water before a meal. It was doable and also helped me a bit with appetite control by pre-filling my stomach before the meal. Now I drink only water (other than my 4 ounces of low sugar oj in the morning). Quite a change! I haven't had a soda (diet or otherwise since last June).

5) AVOIDING THE SCALE - Weigh at LEAST weekly on the same scales at the same time of day so you can track your accurate progress. I will admit I weigh daily. There is some fluctuation of body fluids when you do this but it helps me stay in control. If I tick up on the scale I buckle down on nutrition and exercise.

6) SAYING I CAN'T - Take the word CAN'T out of your nutrition and fitness vocabulary. I know people with every sort of "excuse" that have SUCCEEDED because they found a way to say CAN instead. This includes losing weight with handicaps, injuries, diabetes, celiac disease, cancer, thyroid disease, HBP, LBP, etc. Granted the pace may not be the same as a 25 year old healthy male but you CAN lose. I have many health issues and chose not to use them as an excuse but rather as a motivation to show what I COULD do. SURRENDER to the body you have and make the most of it.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

If you are still viewing this process as a "temporary" surrender and thinking that once you get the weight off you can return to your former ways... GET THAT IDEA OUT OF YOUR HEAD. The FORMER ways are what led to obesity and reduced health. This is a ONE WAY journey to "Health & Fitness".

SURRENDER to the process. These new habits are lifelong ones. You cannot return to your old ways if you expect to maintain your progress! BE HONEST with yourself and identify those areas that you yet NEED to surrender. Are you eating in range but consuming too much fat or sugar? Are you hiding a bag of candy in your desk drawer? Are you shaving the edges on your fitness minutes counting the time you are lacing up your tennis shoes, talking to someone in the locker room or standing around? Do you see that these areas require a surrender to the process for maximum results?

Take an honest look. I did. I saw a person that needed to let go and surrender to the process and I'm oh so glad I did.


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