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My Total Body Sculpting DVD Review (with extra entertainment thrown in, just because)

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Monday, March 04, 2013

I don’t typically use a lot of workout DVDs. But I ordered the Total Body Sculpting with Coach Nicole DVD the very first day it was available from Amazon. Why? Because I had a feeling it’d be good, I like to support SparkPeople and I knew I was going to be stuck inside on some cold, snowy days. So, I ordered and got it as soon as it came out. (In case you’re wondering, SP offered to give me one, but I had already beat them to it. SparkNerd. LOL) My initial reaction? Hooray, a color-coded workout chart that’s in the case and not just on the screen!

This chart is on the DVD itself, but it’s really handy to have one you can glance at, when you’re not in front of your screen. Thanks, Coach Nicole!

I’m real big at trying stuff out before I comment on it. So, I did two weeks of the beginner workout and one week of the intermediate workout. Then, I got super busy and didn’t get around to posting this review for a couple of weeks... Anywho, it’s not like this has been sitting on the shelf. I’m actually going to see if I can talk Audrey into doing another week of the beginner workout with me this week. Our elliptical is broken and we need other options.

Warning: There are a lot of ninja moments in this DVD.

Speaking of options, this DVD has several. There are three main workouts you can mix and match: Bodyweight Burn, Barre Body Blast and Sizzle-Sculpt. You can follow the super duper, color-coded workout chart, or create your own combinations. Of course, there is warm-up and cool-down. All you’ll need is a chair, some light weights and maybe a yoga mat. I liked doing the beginner workout because it was very time-efficient. I honestly can’t imagine doing the advanced weekly workout. Seriously. More power to you intense Sparkers who can handle it; Spark on with your bad selves.

Sadly, you have to provide your own tutu. This is a gross oversight by SparkPeople. Please know that I have informed them of their negligence.

I found that I like this DVD even better than the last one. (I reviewed the 28-Day Bootcamp DVD as well. Here’s a link to that review:
). I think that’s because there’s a lot less jumping and not as much fancy footwork. Y’all know I have a wonky neck with some disc issues, so no jumping, running, or overhead lifting. I found that I didn’t have to do much to accommodate my personal “issues.” I just did step touches instead of jacks and a few exercises with no weights. I don’t feel like I missed out.

And Jewel is back. You know how I feel about Jewel. She is my shero. Jewel is the chick who does the modified versions of the exercises. She kind of evens the playing field for all of us. Whenever I got to thinking something was a little too difficult, I found I could always fall back on Jewel. Bless her heart. There is room for all of us.

You will get muscles like this, if you use this DVD.

I liked this DVD enough to buy a copy for one of my SparkBuddies. I’m picking up another one for an in-person SparkBuddy who likes using DVDs and is looking to mix things up a bit. So, yeah, I must think it’s pretty good. Two thumbs-up and a ninja kick from Mostmom1. Hi-yah!

(Chair, mat, tutu, boa, ninja outfit and weights NOT included.)
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