Here Goes March

Monday, March 04, 2013

I'm happy to put January and February behind me and move on, to better things, to spring, to new exciting plans!
The last two months have been extremely stressful and trying on me.
January was going nicely, it was hubby and i's 2 year anniversary at the end of the month and we were going away for 3 days with some of our best friends for a snowboarding trip.
Well that week, friends of ours took us out to dinner for our anniversary and while we were out we got a phone call that my Dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital getting stints put in. We live just about and hour or so away from my family, and although it wasn't a major heart attack and my mom was calm and told us not to rush my sister and some friends were there with her, i of course still go into panic mode.
Everything turned out fine, but its still so hard to realize that my parents are getting older, my dad is the strongest man i know, and it was hard to see him that way. Plus just having lost my husbands father last year to a heart attack its was all to scary for us.
Over the next 2 weeks there was a lot of In-law drama regarding our anniversary and my parents. They are kinda selfish people, which i hate to admit, but they give me such anxiety that i get sick over it.
The minute i walk into that house my heart races and i cant breathe and i feel like i will break down any minute, but i have to look like nothing is wrong otherwise they will get upset with me and then take it out on my husband.
My parents left for Florida to relax and so maybe my dad would be able to take it easy. I got another phone call from my mom that he was in the hospital again because he was having chest pains. It ended up that he was ok, just having pain from the heart attack from before, angina i think they call it.

I went for my yearly gyno visit (yaaay *eye roll*)
She stressed to me that i really need to get moving and start exercising because of my family history. *everyone on my dads side of the family have died from heart attacks. My dad has high cholesterol and high blood pressure etc. And everyone on my moms side lives forever but they are all obese.
She also told me that i need to see a therapist to figure out why I cant stick with anything, why i start a good diet and exercise but i let life get in the way, i always find and excuse to stop and blame everything and everyone but myself for it. Thing is, i KNOW i do that. Yet i continue to do it.
Also she wants me to go to help with my anxiety/panic attacks because of the in-laws haha (my solution is to move away from them)

So I said to myself enough is enough Hannah. You need to step it up. Make those goals and MEET THEM.

In line with all of that last Thursday I was talking to my good friend Jolene (BAZOOKABOBCAT for those of you who know her) about what i should do to start training for the races this summer we've signed up for
Warrior Dash in June
Color Me Rad in July
Rugged Maniac in September
Also, hubby and I are visiting his awesome family in California in May, and I really need to drop a few and tone up for that. I mean they live in stinking Laguna Beach!
She gave me a lot of encouragement and good ideas to start out with. And she also inspired me to look into another gym. (I cant wait to have fun gym stories)
Well, the hubs and I went a signed up at a new one ... Healthtrax
When we went they took us for a tour, asked us what our goals were, why we wanted to join a gym, and set up a plan for us. Hubby has an appointment with a trainer tonight and I have one tomorrow afternoon. They are gonna sit with us and figure out our goals, see our fitness level and then make a plan for us.
I am so excited, there is so much that i want to do! I don't want to just go to the gym and run on the treadmill for an hour, I want to learn how to use all the machines right and learn how to lift weights and do all that other stuff!
I went for my first work out there on friday....only after I went and bought yoga pants and a magical sports bra from Victorias Secret...because I am vain haha
I say magical because it makes me have cleavage. When I have none. HOORAY hahaha

theres me being excited for the gym!
So here's to this month hopefully being better!
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