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Day 253 - Amazing Monday time to get it started

Monday, March 04, 2013

Well the week that is...

It was a whooping 49 degrees when I got in my car this morning. Considered freezing to us native Miami folks. The sun is shining which made it a bit warmer...but still the bed felt really great and I didn't want to get out of it. calls me forward.

Workout today: Gym, Weights, 1.5 minute plank, 25 squats and 6 jacks.

I haven't started my jacks yet, but I think I can do 6 emoticon I struggled on Friday to get in a 1.25 minute plank. I had to come down twice before I finished it. The first time I wasn't in the right position, the second time I was falling quickly so I paused, regrouped and finished it. Squats I got 25 no problem, may even get in more.

Hopefully my lunch hour will be my own and I'll get in my video workouts. I'm really making an effort to log in my food intake this week. I was trying to do it on the body bugg site and it's just too much work. Most of my foods are here already and the database is much better than on the BB site. I think that's why I fell off in this area. I misplaced my BB and found it in the car this morning. Of course the batteries dead so I'll have to charge it tonight. Otherwise...I'm ready to face this week. I'm trying to focus on logging my food, checking off all of my scheduled workouts daily and cooking/eating at home. Increase my water intake and go back to my 5 mini meals a day. I do well with my breakfast, a.m. snack, lunch and dinner. I usually forget my afternoon snack and I never have an evening snack and if I do it's usually not a good one. So I'm setting my alarm on my phone to remind me to eat my afternoon snack.

My other focus this week is strength training with my free weights. I've printed out some workout routines to help me get it in daily. My main focus as many of you know is my arms. I'm including my back and shoulders in that equation as well. Trimming my waist and strengthing my core so that my back will get stronger. One thing I've learned in my research is, if your core is strong it definitely strengthens and helps my back. So this is where I am today. I'm going in with a mindset to see changes by the end of this month. I got to take before photos tonight and I WILL see change this month.

Still working on my eating plan but I'm improving. Now I need to work on pre-planning and packing my meals the night before. Com'on got this ...44 days until my birthday and I want to be well into this by then.
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